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The 10 Best Frozen Desserts at Aldi

Stock your freezer now and you'll be ready whenever the sun, or a craving, hits.
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When the weather warms up, it's time to stock up on frozen desserts, and you can often get more for less at Aldi. Whether your plans include friends coming over for a backyard hang, having a family gathering, or feeding a house full of hungry kids, these yummy treats from can't be beaten.

Aldi has a great frozen department, and some of the best buys are its desserts, from classics like ice cream sandwiches to health-conscious treats.

The best part about these desserts is that you can stock up now and keep them in your freezer for your next impromptu pool party or those nights when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. Read on to see our top 10 picks for frozen desserts at Aldi.

Sundae Shoppe Butter Pecan or Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

a tub of butter pecan ice cream.
Photo: Aldi
Butter Pecan (Per 2/3 Cup)
Calories: 210
Fat: 12 g (Saturated Fat: 6 g)
Sodium: 65 mg
Carbs: 21 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 14 g)
Protein: 3 g

This big 48-ounce tub of ice cream has no artificial flavors and no high fructose corn syrup—just lots of sweet, cold goodness. Choose from butter pecan ice cream featuring salted butter pecans or cookies and cream, which is vanilla ice cream dotted with chocolate creme sandwich cookie pieces. Or pick up both.

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Earth Grown Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert, Assorted Varieties

A pint of Earth Grown Vanilla Almond Non-Dairy Almond Ice Cream from Aldi
Photo: Aldi
Vanilla Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert (Per 2/3 Cup)
Calories: 200
Fat: 10 g (Saturated Fat: 7 g)
Sodium: 105 mg
Carbs: 27 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 20 g)
Protein: 2 g

If you're looking for a non-dairy dessert, try Earth Grown. This frozen dessert made with almond milk is available in chocolate, mocha fudge, or vanilla. It's pint-sized fun without the dairy.

Friendly Farms Whipped Topping

a container of friendly farms whipped topping.
Photo: Aldi
Nutrition: (Per 2 Tbsp):
Calories: 25
Fat: 1.5 g (Saturated Fat: 1.5 g)
Sodium: 0 mg
Carbs: 3 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 2 g)
Protein: 0 g

Whipped topping makes every dessert even better, so keep this one from Friendly Farms on hand. At 25 calories for a 2-tablespoon serving, you can go wild. Try putting it on ice cream, pie, or breakfast waffles for an over-the-top morning meal.

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Specially Selected Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream

Specially Selected Vanilla Premium ice Cream at Aldi
Photo: Aldi
Premium Vanilla Ice Cream (Per 2/3 Cup)
Calories: 340
Fat: 22 g (Saturated Fat: 15 g)
Sodium: 75 mg
Carbs: 31 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 31 g)
Protein: 6 g

This super premium vanilla ice cream is so creamy and luxurious that you'll want to save it for a special occasion (or not!). Made with five simple ingredients, it's a pure, satisfying treat. No wonder it was chosen as an Aldi Fan Favorite in 2023. Comes in chocolate, too.

Sundae Shoppe Vanilla Fudge & Vanilla Caramel Sundae Cones, Variety Pack

a box of sundae shoppe nut cones.
Photo: Aldi
Vanilla Fudge Cones (Per 1 Cone)
Calories: 270
Fat: 14 g (Saturated Fat: 9 g)
Sodium: 100 mg
Carbs: 34 g (Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 21 g)
Protein: 4 g

This box of eight sundae cones will get devoured when it hits your freezer. These crunchy, nostalgic, and tasty cones will transport you to your childhood summers. The box contains four vanilla caramel cones and four vanilla fudge cones—which is your favorite? Now that you're a grown-up, you can have one of each.

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Sundae Shoppe Ice Cream Bars or Crunch Bars

a box of sundae shoppe ice cream bars.
Photo: Aldi
Original Ice Cream Bars (Per 2 Bars)
Calories: 300
Fat: 19 g (Saturated Fat: 16 g)
Sodium: 60 mg
Carbs: 29 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 21 g)
Protein: 3 g

Delicious, portable ice cream bars are the perfect treat on a warm spring (or hot summer) day. The ice cream bar variety pack features vanilla-flavored ice cream with a chocolate-flavored coating, while the crunch bar has vanilla-flavored ice cream with a milk chocolate coating covered in crisped rice. There are 12 in a box.

Sundae Shoppe Orange Cream Bars

Sundae Shoppe Orange Cream Bars from Aldi
Photo: Aldi
Nutrition: (Per 1 Bar):
Calories: 70
Fat: 1 g (Saturated Fat: 0.5 g)
Sodium: 25 mg
Carbs: 15 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 12 g)
Protein: 1 g

These bars are reminiscent of Creamsicles, that vanilla and orange treat that's synonymous with summer! With low-fat vanilla-flavored ice cream, coated in an orange sherbet shell, you won't be able to resist biting into this classic flavor combination. And at only 70 calories a bar, you can go ahead and have two!

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Sundae Shoppe Keto Ice Cream Pints, Assorted Varieties

a pint of sundae shoppe keto ice cream.
Photo: Aldi
Nutrition information unavailable

If you're on a keto diet, you can still have dessert. These pints from Sundae Shoppe have only 5 grams of net carbs per serving and come in delicious flavors, including cookie dough, peanut butter fudge, and mint chocolate.

Sundae Shoppe Super Premium Ice Cream Pints, Assorted Varieties

a pint of brookie dough ice cream.
Photo: Aldi
Nutrition information unavailable

Why spend more on those other ice cream brands when Sundae Shoppe premium pints have the flavors you crave at a more affordable price? These pints come in fun varieties, including Brookie Dough (vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough & brownie chunks), Make Fudge Not War (chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks), and Thank You Cherry Much (cherry ice cream with cherries and chocolate flavored chunks).

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Sundae Shoppe Vanilla Ice Cream Pail

a pail of ice cream.
Photo: Aldi
Vanilla Flavored Light Ice Cream (Per 2/3 Cup)
Calories: 140
Fat: 3.5 g (Saturated Fat: 2 g)
Sodium: 55 mg
Carbs: 23 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 18 g)
Protein: 3 g

This ice cream container is family-sized fun! This cool pail features 128 ounces of light vanilla ice cream. Bring it out at your next make-your-own sundae party, and then repurpose the pail on your next trip to the beach.

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