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Baskin-Robbins Is Launching a New Sweet and Salty Ice Cream Flavor

It's the flavor combo that never fails.

Baskin-Robbins is kicking 2020 off in a sweet, yet delicious salty, way. The ice cream giant announced it will be adding Salted Almond Honeycomb to its menu this month.

The brand-new ice cream flavor marries two distinctive yet highly compatible tastes together (the dynamic duo: sweet and salty), thanks to a salted honey-flavored ice cream base and crunchy honeycomb candy pieces. Oh, and let's not neglect the almond marzipan ribbon that ripples through this cool and creamy treat.

The new flavor, which emulates the taste of a honey-sweetened marzipan cake, will be featured as Baskin-Robbins' "Flavor of the Month." And for those who are trying to stick to their New Year's Resolutions, know that one 2.5-ounce scoop will cost you 210 calories, 16 grams of total fat (half of which are saturated), and 18 grams of sugar.

"Almond and honey is a flavor combination that goes together beautifully in baked goods, especially in cakes," said Jeanne Bolger, the director of research and development at Baskin-Robbins. "For January's Flavor of the Month, we wanted to give our guests the opportunity to savor this unexpected 'flavor duo' in a scoop of our ice cream."

However, a new ice cream flavor isn't all the ice cream shop is churning out this month. In light of the upcoming Super Bowl, Basin-Robbins is offering ice cream cakes that can be customized with any one of the 32 NFL team logos. An ice cream cake may just be the Super Bowl snack you and your friends didn't know you needed to complete your game day spread.

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Finally, on January 31, the ice cream chain will be serving scoops of ice cream for just $1.70 at participating locations. Also, on the same day, customers will be able to purchase two pre-packaged quarts of ice cream for just $7.99. And for more cool new ice cream deals, Disney World's Animal Kingdom Is Serving a Cool New Ice Cream Cone for the Holidays.

Cheyenne Buckingham
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