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9 Foods Beauty Experts Swear Will Give You Clearer Skin

Get that glow from the inside out.

Spending money on expensive skincare products can certainly help you achieve the glowing, dewy skin you've been wanting. But sometimes these skincare products act as just a bandaid, when in reality getting clearer skin often comes from the inside out, first.

According to a study published in the journal Nutrients, diets higher in saturated and trans fats can accelerate the skin aging process, as well as some diets higher in processed foods and added sugar. In addition to cutting these skin-damaging foods from your diet you can also eat more healthy foods that can help clear up your skin and slow down its aging process.

To learn more, we talked with beauty experts, estheticians, and dermatologists about the helpful foods to include in your diet for clearer skin. Read on, and for more healthy eating tips check out 7 Vegetables That Reduce Inflammation and Slow Aging.


healthy fats - avocado, olive oil, nuts

Many people consider avocados to be one of the healthiest foods you can eat. The fruit is a good source of numerous vitamins and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, and research shows that it can help promote heart health with a balanced diet. Along with these health benefits, avocados are also known to promote healthy skin.

"Avocados are a blessing to our skin and general health. They contain antioxidants, including vitamin E, that attack free radicals with the potential to harm the skin. They also have monounsaturated fats, which keep your body's cholesterol low. Consuming them helps hydrate your skin. As a result, your skin is safe from damage, and its aging process slows down. I always tell my clients to combine avocados in other meals, including roasted potatoes or making smoothies," says Ksenia Sobchak, Dermatologist at Loxa Beauty.


eggs in carton

Eggs provide many health benefits and lean protein, and many beauty experts say that their nutrient content can help with skin aging as well.

"I love eggs because of the multiple preparation methods used and several health benefits they come with. For instance, I can bake, fry, or boil to consume. Eggs are filled with protein for repairing and firming the skin. They also have lutein that improves the skin's elasticity and hydration, leaving you with a more youthful glow," says Sobchak.


brazil nuts

Nuts are full of healthy fats, which can promote better heart health and provide a helpful alternative to some unhealthier mid-afternoon snacks. Not only that but some nuts are considered to be great for your skin, too.

"Nuts, especially Brazil nuts, are high in selenium, a mineral that not only helps ward off mercury toxicity but is also a great antioxidant that helps clear skin and decreases acne breakouts," says Dr. Azza Halim, a board-certified anesthesiologist, aesthetician, and functional medicine physician.

Leafy green veggies

fresh baby spinach

Leafy greens like kale, spinach, and Bok choy can provide your body with helpful anti-aging nutrients. Experts agree that part of these health benefits includes clearer skin.

"Leafy green vegetables generally offer the body cellular nourishment. They are filled with prebiotics that promote great gut health by increasing good bacteria. This helps recover microbiomes, resulting in positive skin influence. You can prepare and consume them as salads or with other cooking methods," says Sobchak.

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Turmeric can be used in dishes, smoothies, and other drinks to help with inflammation and provide your skin with a nutrient boost.

"Turmeric is an amazing skin-enriching food that reduces inflammation in the body. This mustard-colored powder is found all over traditional Indian cuisine and is not only delicious but can be used topically to remove dark spots around the eyes and brighten your complexion. Take a teaspoon of turmeric, add it to warm water, and drink it to help your skin fight against free radicals. Turmeric can also be used as a treatment for acne and cystic breakouts," says Yetunde Alabi, Beauty Expert & Founder of Majenye.


half blood orange

Snacking on oranges or drinking freshly-squeezed OJ is a great way to get a boost of helpful vitamins like vitamin C, which can help promote clearer skin.

"Oranges are full of ingredients that help boost your complexion. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which is necessary for protection against sun damage and for producing and maintaining collagen, which gives skin its underlying structure and plump appearance. The antioxidants in oranges fight free radicals, which help to slow down the production of wrinkles and stop premature aging," says Dr. Jenelle Kim, DACM, L.Ac, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and the founder and lead formulator of JBK Wellness Labs.

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sliced strawberries

Another fruit that comes packed with helpful vitamins and antioxidants is strawberries.

"Strawberries are full of vitamin C and are a perfect fruit to add to your diet to improve your skin's health. Antioxidants within fruits like strawberries help build collagen and elasticity and even protect against UV rays. Have oily skin? Strawberries even cut down on oily pores! You can use them as a puffy eye treatment in the morning when you're feeling fatigued. Trying to turn back time? Well, you can't really do that, but strawberries have anti-aging effects that keep your skin glowing and youthful. Chop up some strawberries and put it in a smoothie or even your favorite salad and wait for your skin to glow from the inside out," says Alabi.

Celery juice

celery juice

Recent research shows that celery juice is an incredibly powerful drink that is potent in helpful antioxidants. Because of this, it can promote clearer skin and better overall health.

"Celery juice is an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial. It's rich in antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients, including apigenin, luteolin, ferulic acid, and vitamin K. It helps hydrate your skin and helps flush out toxins," says Natasha Moor, Global Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert.

Lastly, limit processed foods


Overall, adding in the foods mentioned above can help you have clearer skin. But what can also make a significant impact is limiting your consumption of ultra-processed foods.

"When I stick to mostly low-glycemic index foods like proteins (egg whites, chicken) and vegetables (celery, cauliflower, arugula, cucumber, etc), and stay away from processed foods (cookies, chips, bread, pasta), after about 2-3 weeks I can see a noticeable difference in the clarity of my skin and less skin texture overall like dry patches and fine lines," says Sébastien Tardif, celebrity makeup artist and Co-Founder of Veil Cosmetics.

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