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The Best & Worst Burger at Hardee's

Admiral Ackbar said it best in Return of the Jedi: It's a trap!

The Hardee's menu is a linguistic labyrinth in which words like "little" are added to 580-calorie burgers and a double cheeseburger will cost you fewer calories than a single-patty version. To save you the headache – and the gut that comes with making the wrong choice – we waded through the numbers to find you the absolute best bet when you're craving a burger.

Eat This!

Double Cheeseburger

Calories 420
Fat 22 g
Saturated Fat 5 g
Sodium 890 mg
Carbs 33 g
Protein 25 g

Not That!

½ lb. Thickburger El Diablo

Calories 1,380
Fat 92 g
Saturated Fat 31 g
Sodium 3,830 mg
Carbs 84 g
Protein 58 g

If the fat count on the El Diablo has you wondering what the hell they pile on the patty, take note of the thick pile of jalapeno poppers peeking out from between its buns. But what really burns us up is how hard it is to find an acceptable alternative. Turn a cold shoulder to the diminutive-sounding Little Thickburger; instead of helping you get a flat stomach, it will just make you, well, thick. Order the Double Cheeseburger for classic flavors you know and love, a solid hit of muscle-building protein and a sodium count within reason. And, in case you were eyeing the lettuce-wrapped Low-Carb Thickburger, let us assure you right now that you'll get more calories, fat and sodium, and less protein if you make the switch.

Image: Mjrmtg / Wiki Commons

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