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Best & Worst Pizza at Domino's

There are 34 million different ways to combine their ingredients into a pizza, according to Domino's.

But if you're not feeling particularly creative, you might be tempted to order from the chain's menu of specialty pies, such as the Fiery Hawaiian or Memphis BBQ. We analyzed the menu to find the best and worst option that saves you from the mental math. (The following calorie counts are calculated for slices in a Large.)

Eat This!

Pacific Coast Veggie with Thin Crust, 1 slice

Calories 210
Fat 12 g
Saturated Fat 5.5 g
Sodium 465 mg
Carbs 17 g
Protein 9 g

Not That!

ExtravaganZZa Feast with Brooklyn Crust, 1 slice

Calories 400
Fat 22 g
Saturated Fat 10 g
Sodium 1,220 mg
Carbs 31 g
Protein 19 g

The healthiest of Domino's specialty pizzas is the Pacific Coast Veggie — a vitamin- and mineral-packed mix of vegetables like peppers, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes with garlic-herb seasoning. The thin crust is clear-cut winner for lowest calories and fat, while the other crust styles will all run you about the same. Stick with the thin or, at the very least, avoid the "hand-stretched" Brooklyn variety, which claims the highest calorie count. But, of course, the crust won't get you in nearly as much trouble as what goes on top, and the ExtravaganZZA Feast toppings are a whole lot of trouble. For this pie, Domino's piles pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage and beef onto extra cheese. That adds up to half a day's saturated fat in just one slice — if you can limit yourself to one.

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