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The Healthiest Texas Roadhouse Orders

Get more nutrition in each bite when you dine on these 15 better-for-you options at Texas Roadhouse. 

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Discover the surprising dish you should avoid at LongHorn Steakhouse and learn what to order instead.

All of Wendy's Burgers & Sandwiches—Ranked by Nutrition

A dietitian ranked all 27 burgers and sandwiches on Wendy's menu by their nutritional value to find the best and worst picks for your health.

All of Burger King's Burgers & Sandwiches—Ranked

Discerning between healthy and unhealthy burgers and sandwiches on BK's menu is much easier with our nutritional guide.

10 Best & Worst Vodka Sauces on Grocery Shelves

RDs choose the healthiest vodka sauces to try, plus a few you may want to avoid.

The Best & Worst Orders at CosMc's

Riddled with sugar-packed drinks and food, the CosMc's menu is a nutritional nightmare. Here, a dietitian guides you on what to order and avoid to eat healthy.

30+ Weeknight Dinner Ideas to Kickstart a Healthy 2024

Set yourself up to achieve your New Year's resolutions with these healthy dinner ideas.

6 Best Drinks to Relieve Bloating Instantly

Registered dietitians recommend these bloat-fighting beverages for some quick relief.

The 10 Unhealthiest Mac & Cheese Dishes in America

It's no surprise that a dish loaded with cheese is unhealthy, but these restaurant chain mac & cheese orders are shockingly bad.

The 10 Healthiest Pasta Dishes at Restaurant Chains

A registered dietitian says these are the best options if you want to order pasta while dining out.

10 Best & Worst Salad Dressing Brands

Dress your salad with the healthiest dressings—and avoid the ones that are loaded with calories and saturated fat.

The 8 Unhealthiest Orders at Olive Garden

When you're here, you're eating dishes loaded with more fat, sodium, and carbs than you should eat in an entire day.

10 Best & Worst Frozen Breakfast Burritos

Depending on what ingredients are wrapped up into these convenient frozen foods, you may be looking at a healthy or unhealthy breakfast.

10 Best & Worst Protein Bars at Costco

Not all protein bars are healthy. Find out which ones to add to your cart and which ones to skip next time you hit Costco.

12 Best & Worst Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

Start your morning off right with these RD-approved frozen breakfast sandwiches—and beware of the others.

10 Best Low-Fat Fast-Food Orders

Cut back on your fat intake with these healthy fast-food orders.

10 Unhealthiest Proteins To Avoid

Not all protein is created equal when it comes to this macronutrient's muscle-building, metabolism-revving powers.

8 'Healthiest' Fast-Food Baked Goods

These baked goods from your favorite fast-food chains are on the lighter side, but are still very tasty.

10 Best & Worst Wendy’s Burgers, According to Dietitians

Yes, there are healthy Wendy's burgers—if you know what to order and what to avoid.

12 Best & Worst Canned Soups, According to RDs

Not all canned soups are the sodium or fat bombs we once knew—here's how to separate the healthiest from the worst.

12 Best & Worst Costco Desserts, According to Dietitians

Experts share their picks for the healthiest and unhealthiest options at the bulk buy warehouse.

6 Side Effects of Eating Fast Food Every Day

Is fast food bad for you? Experts weigh in on what may happen if you eat it every day.

The 9 Unhealthiest Fast-Food Burritos

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The Best & Worst Menu Items at Outback Steakhouse

An expert dissects the Outback Steakhouse menu for you so you can be more prepared the next time you go.

Why Eating Frozen Fruit Is Risky Right Now

Unsettling food-safety news has cast an unflattering spotlight on a popular freezer staple.