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Eat These Fruits To Get Rid of Abdominal Fat, Expert Says

Learn some of the best fruits to burn belly fat, along with ones to avoid.

Taking a shower each day is not the only way to cleanse your body. According to Livestrong, fruits are amazing cleansers, too; they're a healthy source of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, as well as energy. Eat This, Not That! reached out to Jacquie Smith, a certified integrative nutrition health coach from IIN and fitness instructor specializing in barre, yoga, and pre/postnatal workouts, to learn some of the best fruits to get rid of abdominal fat, along with which fruits to avoid.

Just how healthy is adding fruit to your diet? Well, this healthy food group may lower your risk of developing heart disease, many cancers, type 2 diabetes, and so much more. explains that the potassium you obtain from fruit can even decrease your chances of bone loss and kidney stones (via Livestrong).

If you're trying to lose a few pounds, another amazing benefit of eating more fruit is the fiber content. Fiber will leave you feeling full, which in turn helps prevent the consumption of eating too much at meals or unhealthy snacks in between. All fruits are healthy, but there are certain fruits you should absolutely add to your daily rotation in order to get rid of unwanted fat in your abdominal area.

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What are some of the best fruits to lose abdominal fat?

blueberries in a heart-shaped bowl

Now, let's see what Smith has to say about some of the absolute best fruits to get rid of abdominal fat. Two of the best fruits to eat when you're on a mission to blast fat in this section of your body are blueberries and avocado. Smith also suggests including eggs, cruciferous veggies, and leafy greens in your diet.

Her reasoning? "Each of these foods is low in carbohydrates, high in vitamins and micronutrients. While I'm not a believer in no or low-carb diets, I do believe in the power of knowledge and being carb conscious, especially when eating a mostly plant-based diet. Incorporating these foods on a regular basis will keep you more satiated, increase your energy, and will help you lose belly fat in tandem with a daily movement and stress management routine," she explains.

There are also a few fruits you should add to your "stay away from" list. According to Livestrong, fruit that's packaged with sugary syrup is one of these items, along with dried fruit that's sweetened. Additionally, be cautious about how much tropical fruit you consume.

When shopping for fruit, buying fresh fruit from your market's produce section is the way to go, staying away from dried, canned, or dehydrated fruit in other aisles. If you're buying frozen, be sure it's unsweetened, and beware of packaging that boasts "natural fruit sugars," as a lot of it is sugar that's been added. When trying to lose fat, fresh is best.

Now, some individuals don't care for fruit. If that sounds familiar, there are many creative ways to incorporate them into meals so you can reap the many health benefits. They're simple to add to your morning oatmeal or cold cereal. If you're a smoothie fan, it's so easy to include the fruits that work best for you. A very refreshing snack is yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit sprinkled in. Fruit is also a colorful (and tasty) addition to your garden salad!

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