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10 Best Mediterranean Diet Foods To Buy at Costco

Costco offers these affordable and healthy options for those looking to boost their heart health.
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The Mediterranean diet is everywhere these days. In fact, according to the U.S. News & World Report, this is the seventh year in a row that the MedDiet was awarded the number one slot for "Best Diets Overall"—and for good reason. If you're game to see what all the hype is about, we have you covered with 10 of the best Mediterranean diet foods to buy at Costco so you can add them to your shopping list pronto.

Known for its benefits related to heart and brain health, the Mediterranean diet focuses on diet quality rather than a single nutrient or food group. This eating pattern emphasizes the consumption of whole foods, healthy fats, and lean proteins from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, legumes, olive oil, herbs, and spices.

When shopping for healthy Mediterranean diet foods, Costco is a treasure trove of high-quality, nutritious options that fit perfectly into this heart-healthy eating plan. Plus, Costco members get convenient access to all these delicious and nutritious foods without breaking the bank. To learn more about the healthy items to stock up on, we chatted with Trista Best, RD, a registered dietitian with Balance One Supplements, who shares her top Mediterranean diet foods to buy at Costco.

If you're ready to elevate your cardiovascular health, boost cognitive function, lose weight, and slash chronic disease risk, get ready to take notes!

Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kirkland olive oil

Olive oil is a staple in plenty of Mediterranean diet recipes.

"Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold-pressed, preserving its rich flavor and nutritional benefits. Its robust, fruity taste makes it perfect for drizzling over salads or dipping with bread. Plus, it's organic, ensuring high quality and purity in every bottle," says Best.

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Kirkland Signature Organic Quinoa

Kirkland quinoa

Kirkland Signature Organic Quinoa is a protein-packed, versatile seed that is considered a "complete protein" source, providing all the essential amino acids needed for optimal health. You'll get five grams of protein in 1/4 cup of Kirkland Signature Organic Quinoa.

Best says, "Quinoa is easy to cook and can be used in various dishes, from salads to pilafs. Its nutty flavor and fluffy texture make it a staple in any Mediterranean-inspired kitchen."

Clic Canned Chickpeas

Clic canned chickpeas

These canned chickpeas offer a convenient and nutritious addition to your pantry. Plus, they're gluten-free and rich in plant protein.

"Clic Canned Chickpeas go great in salads, soups, and stews," says Best. "They're packed with protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, making them a healthy addition to any meal."

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Kirkland Signature Unsalted Mixed Nuts

Kirkland mixed nuts

Mixed nuts are a fantastic choice for a satisfying snack that keeps hunger at bay.

Best tells us, "Kirkland Signature Unsalted Mixed Nuts offer a delicious blend of almonds, [cashews, pecans, and pistachios]. They're a nutrient-dense snack packed with healthy fats, protein, and vitamins. Whether enjoyed alone or added to yogurt or oatmeal, they're a satisfying and nutritious option."

Kirkland Signature Organic Diced Tomatoes

diced tomatoes

Kirkland Signature Organic Diced Tomatoes have no salt added and are a must-have staple for any kitchen.

"Diced tomatoes are perfect for adding to sauces, soups, and stews. They're made from ripe, organic tomatoes, ensuring rich flavor and vibrant color. Plus, they're conveniently diced, saving time in the kitchen," says Best.

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Kirkland Signature Organic Feta Cheese

Kirkland feta cheese

"Kirkland Signature Organic Feta Cheese is a tangy and creamy cheese perfect for adding flavor to salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes," says Best. "It's made from organic milk, ensuring high quality and freshness. Plus, it's packed in brine to preserve its texture and taste."

Sun Med Whole Kalamata Olives

kalamata olives

These pitted olives are packed in organic olive oil, making them a convenient and delicious choice for those wanting to eat a more Mediterranean-style diet.

"Kirkland Signature Organic Greek Kalamata Olives are plump and flavorful, perfect for snacking or adding to Mediterranean-inspired dishes," says Best. "They're packed in organic extra virgin olive oil, enhancing their taste and preserving freshness."

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Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Sardines are among the most popular Mediterranean diet foods. Besides tasting delicious, they're a nutrient-dense option high in lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

"Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are sustainably sourced, rich in flavor, and perfect for adding to salads, pasta dishes, or enjoying on their own. Plus, being packed in olive oil adds extra richness and flavor," explains Best.

Sabra Organic Roasted Pine Nut Hummus

sabra hummus

"Sabra Organic Roasted Pine Nut Hummus is smooth, creamy, and made with organic chickpeas and tahini," says Best. "It's seasoned with garlic, lemon juice, and pine nuts for a deliciously savory flavor. Additionally, it's free from artificial colors and flavors, making it a healthy choice for dipping or spreading."

Kirkland Signature Frozen Organic Normandy-style Mixed Vegetables

Kirkland veggies

Kirkland Signature Frozen Organic Normandy-style Mixed Vegetables are a nutritional powerhouse, containing a healthy mix of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.

Best says, "These veggies are flash-frozen at peak freshness to lock in nutrients and flavor. Plus, it's organic, ensuring it's free from harmful pesticides and chemicals commonly found in non-organic produce."

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