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Burger King Just Launched 3 New Breakfast Items—But There's a Catch

Burger King customers will have three savory new options for their morning meals.
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Some lucky Burger King customers just got three new breakfast options to choose from, but the chain's American fans will have to crave them from afar.

The fast-food giant has expanded its morning menu with a new line of Breakfast Wraps available in three flavors: sausage, bacon, and egg and cheese. Unfortunately for Burger King lovers in the United States, these wraps are exclusive to Burger King restaurants in Canada—at least for now.

The new Egg and Cheese Wrap is a simple combination of an egg patty and melty cheese wrapped in a soft tortilla. The Sausage Breakfast Wrap and Bacon Breakfast Wrap also come with an egg patty and melty cheese inside a flour tortilla, plus their respective breakfast meats. Burger King customers can order the new wraps a la carte or as part of a breakfast combo that also includes a drink and a side.

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A la carte Egg and Cheese Wraps cost $2.99 at a Toronto Burger King restaurant right now, while the Sausage and Bacon Breakfast Wraps both cost $3.99. Prices for the new breakfast items may vary depending on the location.

Burger King Sausage Breakfast Wrap combo meal
Burger King Canada

While Burger King restaurants in the United States don't sell these new Breakfast Wraps, American fans do have access to a couple of somewhat similar breakfast options. American Burger King restaurants currently offer a Breakfast Burrito Jr. that features sausage, fluffy eggs, melted American cheese, crunchy hash browns, and a creamy spicy sauce wrapped inside a soft white flour tortilla. They also sell an Egg-Normous Burrito with crispy bacon, fluffy eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, crunchy hash browns, and a creamy spicy sauce wrapped inside a soft flour tortilla.

The Breakfast Wraps launch is only the latest instance this year in which a major fast-food chain has debuted exciting new menu items in Canada while leaving out customers in the United States. Last week, for example, Burger King rival McDonald's debuted new Mighty McMuffin and Mighty McGriddle breakfast sandwiches exclusively in Canada.

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The Mighty McMuffin comes with a double portion of hickory-smoked bacon, a freshly cracked Canada Grade A egg, processed cheddar cheese, and a sausage patty on a toasted English muffin. Meanwhile, the Mighty McGriddle features all the same elements, but they're sandwiched between two sweet maple-flavored griddle cakes instead of an English muffin.

Back in May, Burger King Canada also added two new blended ice cream treats to the menu: the Oreo BK Blast and Smarties BK Blast. Burger King said that the new desserts would be offered through "summer and beyond," and they're still available to order right now.

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