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Burger King Just Launched 5 New Spicy Items

The heat is on with a new Whopper, chicken sandwich, two sides, and a drink!

Burger King has given fast-food fans all sorts of new menu items this year, from sandwiches to wraps to sweets. Once again, the Home of the Whopper is continuing to roll out new releases—and the latest selection brings the heat.

The fast-food chain just announced its new Fiery Menu, which includes a burger, a chicken sandwich, two sides, and a drink, all with varying spice levels that are scored on a scale from one to five. This new menu will be available nationwide for a limited time starting on July 18.

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burger king's fiery menu items
Burger King

If you're looking to sip on something with a kick, Burger King will soon offer its Fiery Strawberry and Sprite (190 calories), which has a spice level of one. This new drink is made with Sprite and a "Fiery strawberry puree."

For customers seeking a spicy side, Burger King's Fiery Mozzarella Fries (450 calories) have a spice level of two and consist of fry-shaped mozzarella sticks filled with mozzarella cheese and peppers. These are covered in the chain's Fiery Calabrian pepper breading. Customers can snag four-, eight-, and 12-piece orders of this new menu item.

burger king fiery mozzarella fries with hidden valley ranch dip cup on a red background
Burger King

Packing even more heat is the Fiery Bacon Whopper (810 calories). Ranked at spice level three, this new burger features a quarter-pound of flame-grilled beef, Fiery-seasoned bacon, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and creamy Fiery sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Then, there are the Fiery Chicken Fries (260 calories), a spicy spin on the chain's popular side. With a spice level of four, these chicken fries are marinated in a Fiery seasoning and covered in a garlic and pepper breading. Like the Fiery Mozzarella Fries, these are available in orders of four, eight, and 12 pieces.

Finally, for customers who dare to reach spice level five, there's the Fiery Bacon Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich (930 calories). This sandwich contains a crispy white-meat chicken breast with a Fiery glaze, plus Fiery-seasoned bacon, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and Fiery sauce on a toasted bun.

burger king's fiery royal crisy chicken sandwich on a red background
Burger King

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If you need something to offset the heat, Burger King has you covered with its Hidden Valley Ranch dip cups. These are included with orders of the new Fiery Mozzarella Fries and Fiery Chicken Fries and can be added to any order. This creamy dressing is available at Burger King as a permanent offering.

The new Fiery Menu isn't the only exciting addition hitting Burger King this month. The chain is running various promotions in July to celebrate the month's food-related holidays and events. For instance, with July being National Grilling Month, Royal Perks members can get a free burger every Friday in July with a minimum purchase of $1. Eligible burgers will vary each week.

Additionally, Burger King is offering its limited-time $5 Have it Your Way meal, which will be available all summer. This value meal comes with a choice of a Whopper Jr. (330 calories), Chicken Jr. (440 calories), or bacon cheeseburger (340 calories), along with a four-piece order of chicken nuggets (190 calories), french fries (300 calories per small order), and a soft drink.

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