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Burger King Just Added 3 Cheesy New Items to the Menu

Customers will be able to order a brand-new side, wrap, and sandwich.

Following the release of its Frozen Cotton Candy beverage, Burger King is expanding its menu once again. And this time, fast-food fans can expect to see not one, not two, but three new additions to the chain's menu. These are sure to excite the cheese lovers!

Among the new offerings, customers will be able to order the chain's new Mozzarella Fries, along with two Philly cheesesteak-inspired items: the Philly Royal Crispy Wrap and the Philly Melt.

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Burger King first offered its Mozzarella Fries last year as a test at select locations in Columbus, Ohio. Starting on May 16, customers nationwide can order this cheesy side as a permanent menu item, which is replacing the chain's mozzarella sticks.

These "fries" consist of fry-shaped mozzarella cheese sticks fried in a crispy seasoned breading. And mozzarella sticks would not be as appetizing without a side of marinara sauce, of course! Customers can enjoy the "fries" and sauce in orders of four (240 calories), eight (480 calories), and 12 pieces (730 calories).

burger king mozzarella fries
Burger King

Burger King also just introduced its new Philly Royal Crispy Wrap, which consists of a soft tortilla filled with Royal Crispy Chicken, fire-grilled peppers and onions, Swiss cheese, and Royal Sauce.

Burger King launched its line of Royal Crispy Wraps in August 2023. In March, the fast-food chain expanded this line with the debut of its Fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap (360 calories). Other options include the Classic (310 calories), Fiery (390), and Honey Mustard (290).

Also arriving at the chain is the new Philly Melt. This menu item is launching with the return of the chain's BK Melts starting May 16. Available for a limited time, this new option features two Whopper Jr. Patties, two slices of Swiss cheese, fire-grilled peppers and onions, and Royal Sauce between two slices of toasted bread. The other BK Melt choices will include Classic and Bacon.

burger king philly melt
Courtesy of Burger King

Additionally, Burger King will be testing a Buffalo Ranch Royal Crispy Melt at participating locations in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. starting May 16. This new sandwich will be the first BK Melt with chicken. It will include a Royal Crispy Chicken fillet, buffalo ranch, Swiss cheese, and bacon sandwiched between two slices of toasted bread.

burger king buffalo ranch royal crispy chicken melt
Courtesy of Burger King

The BK Melts have appeared on the menu multiple times and first launched at the chain back in 2022.

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These cheesy menu additions aren't the only new items Burger King fans can score. To celebrate the chain's 70th birthday, Burger King just rolled out a new Birthday Pie Slice (270 calories) at participating restaurants nationwide. This limited-time sweet treat features a creamy birthday cake-flavored pie filling in a cookie crumb crust finished with rainbow sprinkles, cake bites, and a whipped topping.

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