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15 Best Costco Finds Under $10

Even $20 can buy you a lot at the store.
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Costco shoppers know that if you're on the lookout for bargains, that membership cost will pay off. From deals on kitchen appliances and housewares to pantry staples and fresh food, Costco is the place to go if you're looking for low prices.

And while it's easy to spend $100 or more at the store, you can still buy a good amount of groceries for less than that. If you have $50, $40, or even $20, you can still walk out with a good Costco haul. Here are some of the best Costco food finds for under $10. Happy shopping!


Rotisserie Chicken

costco rotisserie chicken packages
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Let's start with a classic! Costco's rotisserie chickens are just $4.99, which is a pretty impressive deal. They're perfect for these 22 Healthy Rotisserie Chicken Recipes.




If you can find this chickpea-based rice alternative at your local warehouse, we saw it at a really low price. Just $2.97 will get you a two-pound bag of the garlic and herb rice substitute.

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Bagel Bites

box of bagel bites

Feeling nostalgic? Pick up a 72-count box of these frozen bites for just $8.99 at Costco.

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Annie's Fruit Snacks

bunny fruit snack box

On a recent visit to Costco, we saw a 42-pouch box of Annie's organic fruit snacks for just $9.97. That's more than a month's worth of lunchbox treats for less than a Hamilton!


Bel Gioioso Mozzarella Snack Pack

package of belgioioso sliced mozzarella

Mozzarella cheese is perfect for Caprese recipes. But if you just want to munch on some cheese, Costco also sells mini mozzarella balls for individual snacking.

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Summer Fresh Tuscan Bean Salad

summer fresh tuscan bean salad

Make the most of the seasons changing by adding this easy side dish to your meals. We saw a 2.65-pound container for just $8.59 at Costco.


La Terra Fina Spinach Artichoke Dip

la terra fina spinach artichoke dip package

Set up an at-home dip bar with this spinach-artichoke dip. Grab some tortilla chips or a baguette for maximum dipping potential.

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Dee Amore Loaded Potato Salad

Potato salad

Making potato salad from scratch is great, but this refrigerated version from Costco is almost as good. And you can't beat the $6.99 price point.


Panera Mac & Cheese Cups

panera barbecue chicken mac and cheese bowl
Courtesy of Panera

When you can't make it to Panera, these refrigerated cups of the chain's famous mac and cheese are the next best thing.

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Herdez Guacamole Salsa

herdez guacamole salsa bottle

It's salsa and guacamole all rolled into one! This sauce is perfect for topping homemade burrito bowls and quesadillas.


Kirkland Signature Organic Frozen Blueberries

kirkland signature organic frozen blueberries

Morning smoothies are a breeze with these frozen berries from Costco. Just $7.59 will get you a three-pound bag.


Yasso Mint Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Bars

yasso mint chocolate chip frozen greek yogurt bars

You can pick up a 15-pack of these Greek yogurt bars at Costco for just $9.99. They're the perfect end-of-summer treat to keep on hand.


Hass Avocados

dole avocados

If you eat avocado toast every day, consider buying avocados at Costco. A six-pack of Hass avocados is just $6.99 at the warehouse.




Garlic will stay fresh for months if it's unpeeled, so go ahead and buy a two-pound bag at Costco. It will only set you back $5.99!


Bell Peppers

Red yellow green bell peppers

If you're making stuffed peppers for dinner, Costco is a great place to buy the ingredients. A six-pack of red, yellow, and orange peppers is $8.49 at the store.

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