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Chobani Is Launching a Major New Line of Dessert-Inspired Products

The yogurt company is giving consumers a new way to enjoy their favorite sweet treats.

From seasonal yogurt flavors to plant-based coffee creamers, Chobani continues to expand its product offerings. Now, the company is giving consumers yet another way to enjoy its popular Greek yogurt by appealing to their sweet tooth.

This week, Chobani introduced its new dessert-inspired yogurt line Chobani Creations. This new product is available in six different flavors designed to appeal to multiple dessert preferences. The flavors include Mocha Tiramisu, Apple Pie à la Mode, Cherry Cheesecake, Orange Cream Pop, Bananas Foster, and Caramel Sundae.

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According to the company, the new yogurts were created to provide a "sophisticated and permissible indulgent experience." In other words, the company aims to satisfy people's cravings for desserts like pie or cake in a better-for-your format that showcases elements of those specific flavors. For instance, the Apple Pie à la Mode yogurt features a layer of apples at the bottom of the cup.

woman eating apple pie flavored Chobani Creations
Courtesy of Chobani

"We wanted to create this for consumers to have a purposeful, sweet moment in their day," Niel Sandfort, Chobani's chief innovation officer, told Eat This, Not That! "Creations offers an elevated snack option built on nostalgic flavors for those 'me moments' we all crave."

Additionally, Sandfort noted that the new product line "stretches yogurt beyond just the breakfast occasion."

Sold in 5.3-ounce cups, the yogurts contain 10 grams of protein and all-natural ingredients. Another key feature customers will notice with the Chobani Creations line is the brand-new clear cup packaging. This is intended to create a unique eating experience that allows consumers to preview the layered yogurt product before purchasing it.

"It's differentiating and saying [to the consumer], 'Hey, this is new. This is different. You've never seen this before from us. Give it a try,'" Sandfort told Food Dive.

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Chobani Creations isn't the company's only product line featuring dessert flavors. The Flip products, which consist of yogurt and a side compartment of toppings, are available in flavors like Key Lime Crumble, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Red Velvet Cupcake.

Over a year ago, Chobani changed its strategy to focus on innovating its existing lineup of products as opposed to entering new categories. Besides Greek yogurt, Chobani's product portfolio also includes oat milk, yogurt drinks, and coffee creamers.

In 2023, Chobani rolled out multiple new products, such as its line of Zero Sugar Drinks, as well as a couple of limited-time items. Most recently, the company introduced its new Greek Yogurt Spiced Holiday Nog, a Greek yogurt flavor designed to resemble the beloved holiday beverage. Prior to this release, the company debuted Halloween-themed Chobani Flip yogurt packs and pumpkin spice-flavored oat milk.

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