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7 Costco Desserts That Are Perfect For the Holidays

From cookie assortments to chocolate treats, Costco has plenty of holiday dessert options this season.
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Costco's shelves are stocked with plenty of fan-favorite treats and baked goods year-round. But when the holiday season rolls around, the retailer works extra hard to make its dessert selection as festive and merry as possible.

Costco has introduced a range of exciting desserts over the past few weeks to help ring in the holiday season. Some of these desserts are completely brand-new. Others are returning seasonal items that are only available during this time of year. But what binds them all together is that they're festive and super convenient for shoppers who want to serve a great dessert without having to make it themselves.

Here are seven Costco desserts perfect for the holidays that you can score right now!

Kirkland Signature Chocolate Mousse Desserts

Kirkland Signature Chocolate Mousse Desserts
Per serving: 256 cal, 15 g fat (9 g saturated fat), 40 mg sodium, 34 g carbs (0.95 g fiber, 24 g sugar), 3 g protein

Costco shoppers on the hunt for low-effort holiday desserts should look no further than Costco's new Kirkland Signature Chocolate Mousse Desserts. First spotted in stores last week, these refrigerated treats feature a chocolate cookie crumble base, chocolate mousse, a chocolate ganache coating, and pieces of shaved dark chocolate sprinkled on top.

While they've only been available for a few days, Costco shoppers are already sharing rave reviews for the item. And because they come in individual, ready-to-eat portions, they'd make a quick and easy dessert option to break out at holiday parties. Six-packs were selling for $9.99 a pack at one warehouse where they were spotted, but prices may vary depending on the location.

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Mini Gingerbread Cakes

Costco mini gingerbread cakes
@costcobffs / TikTok

While gingerbread is delicious year round, there's something extra special about enjoying those warm, spiced treats during the holidays. Costco recently brought back its popular take on the classic dessert: Mini Gingerbread Cakes.

First introduced in 2022, the baked goods feature a gingerbread-flavored cake topped with whipped vanilla buttercream and a smiling chocolate gingerbread man. A six-pack of the cakes were selling for $8.99 at a warehouse where they were spotted last month.

Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

Costco Cinnamon Rolls

"Phenomenal," "dangerous," and "better than Cinnabon" are only some of the ways that Costco shoppers are describing the retailer's popular Gooey Cinnamon Rolls. They first debuted in June this year, but Costco brought them back this week just in time for the holidays. The rolls come in classic spiral shapes with a thick layer of cream cheese icing on top. A six-pack was selling for $12.99 at a warehouse where they were spotted this week.

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Black Forest Bar Cake with Maraschino Cherries

Costco Black Forest Bar Cake
@costcohotfinds / TikTok

The Black Forest Bar Cake with Maraschino Cherries is a completely brand-new addition to Costco's holiday dessert lineup this year. First spotted in stores late last month, the rectangular-shaped cake features layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream, and cherry filling, plus maraschino cherries and chocolate shavings decorating the top. The cakes were selling for $17.99 at the warehouse where they were initially spotted.

Peppermint Bark

Costco Kirkland Signature Peppermint Bark
Per serving (1.5 oz): 220 cal, 13 g fat (8 g saturated fat), 20 mg sodium, 24 g carbs (1 g fiber, 23 g sugar), 2 g protein

Nothing signals the start of the holiday season quite like the return of Costco's seasonal Peppermint Bark. The retailer only offers it during the fall and winter every year, and it recently returned to warehouses last month to the delight of shoppers. The bark features Belgian dark chocolate, white chocolate, and crushed peppermint candies. Containers with 21-ounces of the candy are selling for around $9.99.

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Holiday Cookies

Kirkland Signature Holiday Cookies

Much like the beloved Peppermint Bark, Costco's Holiday Cookies are another shareable treat that customers can only snag during the holiday season each year. While flavors and quantity vary each season, this year's assortment comes with 30 cookies in three festive flavors: Powdered Brownie Walnut, Toffee Sandies, and Holiday Candy. Customers can score a pack for around $9.99.

British Sticky Toffee Pudding

British Sticky Toffee Pudding
The Sticky Toffee Pudding Company / Facebook

Making sticky toffee pudding from scratch can be a long and laborious process, even if the end result is delicious. If you don't have the time or energy to make this complicated dessert from scratch during the holidays, Costco is now selling a pre-made version that Costco fan Laura Lamb (@costcohotfinds) described as "buttery, rich, sweet, and moist."

These packs of individual British Sticky Toffee Puddings are currently available in Costco locations around Texas and the San Diego area, according to the supplier. Priced at $13.89 at Lamb's warehouse, six microwaveable puddings come in each pack, making them a quick and convenient option to serve guests during upcoming holiday festivities.

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