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Costco's Deli Has a Popular New Item That's Dividing the Internet

A heated debate has taken off about the retailer's new stew.

No Costco store is complete without a deli counter. The big-box retailer offers various premade foods through its in-house label Kirkland Signature and while some are beloved by members, others aren't quite as popular.

Its latest addition to the selection of deli foods seems to be garnering major buzz on the internet ever since shoppers spotted it. The new Kirkland Signature USDA Choice Beef Stew With Vegetables is proving to be an especially divisive item for shoppers—in terms of both taste and price.

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A debate has been raging on the Costco subreddit, with hundreds of shoppers chiming in. What some are calling a "delicious" time-saving meal option, others are criticizing as "expensive" and "not worth it."

At $5.99/pound and roughly $33-$35 per package, one of the biggest points of contention among Redditors was the price of this ready-made family-size meal. "Imagine paying $33 for beef stew 😂 rip off," writes one user. "I can't believe this is $5.99 per pound and raw!! The price seems mediocre for a prepared, ready to eat stew but this still requires 6-8 hours in a slow cooker 💀," adds another user. The stew is, indeed, unfinished, and requires the addition of water before it's cooked low and slow in a slow cooker or a crockpot. It also seems like a perfect meal prep item for doctoring up with additional veggies and spices.

Someone else notes in that same comment thread that "most of the prepared foods are ridiculously overpriced," but another commenter is quick to add a different perspective, writing: "They're a godsend for me, a working mother of two kids under five. Easy quick meals that my whole family will eat and not takeout, yes please!"

"Legit saw this today and was shocked at the price. I got like two dozen shrimp cocktail for $15 and the beef stew was $30+. Insane," says one commenter, but there are also many other comments expressing the opposite opinion. "I wouldn't say it's all that expensive. It's over 5 pounds worth of stew," writes another user.

Cost is a major concern, of course, but what about taste? Is the stew worth that kind of price tag? Predictably, opinions are mixed. "I tried this beef stew and it was not good at all. That's a 35$ life lesson there," says one Redditor. "I added green beans and mushrooms it was good in my opinion," writes another.

"We found it so incredibly bland. Didn't finish my bowl," one user wrote, before following up with "My husband added some pepper and said it tasted better but not great. We always try the deli options, but won't be getting this one again."

"Who knew beef stew could be controversial? 6$ a pound for prepared stew? Sounds awesome," one user's comment reads, but this Redditor probably sums the debate up best: "Two threads same day – totally different take. Just goes to show that tastes and "value" are in the "eye of the beholder" SMH."

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