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Costco Is Upgrading This Beloved Food Court Staple

It’s out with the old and in with the new for this favorite!

There are lots of iconic Costco traditions. From free samples, bulk options, and half-sheet cakes (RIP), it's safe to say a membership gets you a ton of amenities. One of the most prized is the food court.

Although it was closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, it is now open again and selling all your favorite snack favorites at their iconically low prices. And one item recently got a makeover after disappearing from the menu. Costco churros are back — but with a twist!

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One Instagram account is reporting that churros are coming back bigger than ever, with a slight price increase, too. They used to be $1, but @costcodeals, which posted information from CostcoPanda on Reddit, says they will now cost $1.49.

The new churro is being tested in a store in Oxnard, California. Other locations will get it later this year, but customers are already excited. "There is hope for 2020," one Reddit response says. "This makes my heart happy," another says, according to Mashed.

The addition is sure to delight more people since churros were thought to be one of the menu items that could be gone from Costco's food court menu for good. Although they are making a comeback, other things, like the chicken bake, hot turkey and provolone sandwich, and the acai bowl, might not be as lucky.

Costco recently announced that all customers are required to wear a face mask while shopping. They also are operating the food court as takeout only. No seating is available, according to their COVID-19 updates page. But the food being served includes hot dogs, soda, cheese pizza slices and whole pies, and pepperoni pizza slices and whole pies.

While they were going to reduce the every weekday senior hour to only two days a week, the company recently announced that it will continue Monday through Friday from 9 to 10 a.m.

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Amanda McDonald
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