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Costco Has a New, Indulgent Dessert at the Food Court: 'It's the Size of My Hand'

The new treat replaced the recently discontinued churros.

It's official! Weeks after rumors first emerged that Costco was planning to debut a new food court dessert, the item has officially been spotted on the menu.

Earlier this month, a Costco shopper shared a rumor on Reddit that the retailer planned to discontinue the food court churro. According to the shopper's brother, who works at Costco, the retailer intended to start offering cookies in the churro's place.

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Costco did not respond to our queries for confirmation on the alleged food court change when the rumors first began circulating. But this week, a Costco shopper reported on Reddit that "delicious" new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies had indeed taken the churro's place at their warehouse in the Pacific Northwest.

The shopper shared a picture of the updated food court menu as evidence. According to the menu description, the cookies are served warm, made with butter, and feature both bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate. Each cookie contains 750 calories and costs $2.49.

The debut of the new cookies sparked a divided reaction among fellow Costco shoppers. Some were delighted to see a new dessert replace the churro, which has been getting quality complaints for years.

"Makes sense. The churros were trash, and I like churros," a Redditor commented on the post.

However, others were put off by the $2.49 price tag on the cookies.

"$2.49 for a cookie? Someone's delusional," another Redditor wrote.

The Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies are slightly pricey in comparison to some of the other food court menu items, like the $1.50 hot dog combo and the $1.99 pizza slices. But according to the Redditor who started the thread, the portion size is very generous.

"They are like the size of my hand, so pretty big and like an inch [thick]," the Redditor said.

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Any members who want to get their hands on one of these new cookies should keep in mind that new food court items tend to arrive at certain locations earlier than others. In the past, Costco has also rolled out new food court items to limited locations at first before eventually launching them nationwide. Shoppers should directly confirm if and when they should expect to see the new cookies in their local warehouses.

In the meantime, they can sample some of the other new food court options that have hit menus this year. Those include a brand-new strawberry ice cream and a divisive mango smoothie that was offered for a limited time over the summer. Costco also brought back its fan-favorite diced onions and chicken caesar salad in May after pulling both from the food court menu during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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