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Costco Is Finally Bringing Back the Most-Requested Food Court Topping

Costco shoppers have begged and pleaded for the return of this wildly popular condiment.

Chopped onions are a basic necessity at most hot dog stands. But for food court customers at Costcohome to the hugely ballyhooed $1.50 hot dog combothe popular topping has been a rare luxury for the past few years now.

Ever since the warehouse club chain stopped widely offering the condiment in the United States, a change that reportedly took effect during the pandemic, many shoppers have grieved the loss of the popular hotdog topping and relentlessly begged the company to bring it back.

If you're one of the members who carried a torch for the retired diced onions into 2023, prepare yourself for the news you've been waiting for: Costco has heard your pleas.

"Yes we can confirm that Diced Onions are returning soon," Costco said in a statement on May 1.

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Before Costco officially confirmed the return, members were tipped off that the fan-favorite condiment was coming back to food courts in the United States as early as yesterday. Someone spotted an interesting sign at their local warehouse in the Pacific Northwest announcing the return of the diced onions and shared a picture of the memo on Reddit on April 30.

costco onion crank
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The exact return date remains unclear at this time, but Costco's statement indicated that members won't have to wait too long before they can once again pile their hotdogs high with chopped onions.

There does seem to be one key change with how customers will be able to access the topping once it makes its grand return. Instead of the nifty mechanisms that used to dispense diced onions with the turn of a crank, the returning diced onions will be kept in individual, refrigerated cups inside the food court, according to the signage posted on Reddit. These cups will be available to members upon request, the sign said.

While some shoppers lamented the purported change, the small outpouring of angst didn't overshadow customers' excitement for the relaunch of the highly-requested condiment. The Reddit post featuring the diced onions memo has racked up more than 600 comments from other customers and Costco employees celebrating the news.

"This makes me so unbelievably happy," one customer commented.

"Our long national nightmare is over," another said.

Now, customers can focus all of their remaining energy on campaigning Costco to bring back other popular retired food court items, like the Combo Pizza and Turkey & Provolone Sandwich.

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