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Is Costco Discontinuing Churros at the Food Court? Here's What We Know

Rumors about a major change at the Costco food court have popped up on social media.

Costco's food court has undergone quite a few changes this year, and most of them have been great news for shoppers—from the return of the popular diced onions to the launch of the wildly popular new strawberry ice cream. Now, another major shift is rumored to be taking place and some say it's quite overdue. 

A Costco shopper took to Reddit this week to share a rumor they'd heard about the food court. According to the shopper's brother, who works at Costco, the retailer plans to discontinue its food court churro and bring in another sweet treat in its place.

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"My brother (Costco employee) just told me they were getting rid of the churros at the food court and replacing them with cookies. Not sure what sort of cookies. I asked if they would be similar to the ones in the bakery but he didn't have much information. Was wondering if anyone else had heard this rumor or had seen signs of this happening already," the shopper wrote.

As it turns out, this Costco shopper isn't the only person who's heard about this alleged change. Another Redditor who claimed to have insider information on the subject backed up the rumors in the comments section.

"It is true. They have found a company to make the cookies, agreements are finalized," the Redditor wrote.

According to the Redditor, the new food court cookies will hit menus early next year. They also claimed that Costco plans to add chocolate ice cream to the food court menu before next summer rolls around.

Shoppers should take these claims with a grain of salt since they haven't been directly verified by Costco. The warehouse club rarely comments on these types of rumored changes and did not immediately respond to our queries for confirmation that the churro will be discontinued.

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But even though the rumor is unverified, many shoppers were excited about the potential food court switch-up. While the churros used to be a fan-favorite sweet treat at the warehouse club, Costco temporarily removed them from the menu in 2020. The retailer revamped the churros and brought them back the following year, but members didn't love the new version, describing them as too dry, bready, and not as flavorful as they used to be.

Now that Costco may be phasing out the churro, shoppers are hoping that the cookies allegedly taking its place will be far superior.

"I won't miss the churros. Cookies?! I'm all in!!!" a shopper commented on the Reddit post.

"The churros are so bad. Any replacement is welcome," another said.

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