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Costco Has the Perfect New Bulk Snack For Your Holiday Entertaining

Not only is the new snack convenient, but it can also feed a crowd.

The biggest holidays of the year are closer by the day, and many of us are deep in planning mode for hosting some big get-togethers. In great news for Costco shoppers, the retailer just debuted a new snack that's both perfect and convenient for holiday entertaining.

The warehouse is now selling 5-pound bags of cubed gouda or cheddar cheese. Laura Lamb, who runs the Costco-themed Instagram account @costcohotfinds, was one of the first to spot the new cheese cubes earlier this week.

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"I think I just spotted the best deal ever on cheese at Costco. This is a five-pound bag of already cubed gouda and cheddar cheese for around $12. That's about $2.50 a pound. These are perfect for charcuterie boards, to snack on, or for lunches," she said in a video posted on her page.

Other customers were delighted to see the bulk cheese up for sale ahead of the fast-approaching winter holidays.

"Yes! Love this for all of the holiday meal preps to come," one fan commented on Lamb's post.

"That's such a good deal!!! Here I go Costco!!!" another wrote.

Even if you aren't planning on hosting a get-together anytime soon, that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the deal. Costco shoppers recently discussed all the mouthwatering ways they're using the sizable bags of cheese on Reddit.

"I made homemade mac & cheese with it and wasn't disappointed." one Redditor commented.

"Put it into mashed potatoes. Trust me," another wrote.

Others suggested coating the cubes in beer batter and frying them, using them in poutine, or sandwiching them inside a grilled cheese sandwich.

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As with any new Costco item, prices and availability of the cubed gouda and cheddar may vary depending on the location. Customers should check directly with their local warehouse to confirm whether the cheeses are available to purchase.

For any Costco members who want to make their hosting duties as easy as possible this holiday season, the retailer also recently began selling pre-made Loaded Mashed Potatoes packed with butter, bacon, sour cream, shredded parmesan, and mozzarella cheese.

The item has already been garnering rave reviews from shoppers. In a post earlier this month, Lamb said that the side dish is "phenomenal" and "a meal in itself."

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