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Costco Is Now Selling a "Delicious" Comfort Food Side

It was spotted at several warehouses this week, and it's the ideal Thanksgiving side dish.

There's a brand-new side in Costco's prepared foods section—and not only does it scream comfort food, but it could also be the perfect low-effort dish to add to your Thanksgiving table this fall.

This new comfort food item is Loaded Mashed Potatoes, spotted this week at several Costco warehouses. Unlike more traditional mashed potatoes, these spuds are upgraded with several flavorful, rich ingredients, like butter, bacon, sour cream, shredded parmesan, and mozzarella cheese.

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Laura Lamb, who runs the Costco-themed Instagram account @costcohotfinds, explained in a video yesterday that the package came with more than three and a half pounds of the loaded potatoes, a hefty enough portion to feed at least a small crowd. After heating the potatoes until they were warm and golden brown, she sampled the dish and described it as "creamy" and "simply delicious."

"This is a meal in itself and these potatoes are phenomenal," Lamb raved.

Other shoppers who've tried the new potatoes have been just as enamored with them. 

"Just had them last night for dinner! So good!!" one customer commented on Lamb's post.

"These are delightful and delicious!" another wrote.

Some customers are even making plans to serve the popular new side dish during the holidays this year.

"I hope they'll have these around Thanksgiving," one person commented.

While the potatoes have already arrived at certain Costco locations, some have noted in the comments section under Lamb's post that their warehouses haven't received them yet. Any members hoping to grab a package should check directly with their local warehouse to confirm whether they're in stock yet before heading over.

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The Loaded Mashed Potatoes were selling for around $12.50 per package ($3.49 per pound) at the warehouse where Lamb spotted them, but as always, prices may vary by location.

This isn't the only popular prepared food option that Costco has debuted in recent weeks. Last month, members started noticing new Carne Asada Bowl kits that came with carne asada, onions, salsa, guacamole, limes, and cilantro rice with corn and beans. Lamb also highlighted the new meal option on her page last month, saying it produced a "ton of food" and was perfect for people who need something quick and easy to whip up on busy nights.

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