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Costco Shoppers Complaining About New Fresh Sushi: It's 'Just Plain Bad'

The sushi has launched in at least a couple warehouses in recent months.

There are plenty of Costco foods that garner rave reviews from shoppers, from its beloved bakery items to its wide array of addicting snacks. But a recent spate of negative reviews for an item arriving at certain warehouses for the first time shows that Costco doesn't hit the bullseye with every product.

A Costco warehouse in Las Vegas, Nev., just began selling fresh sushi from Snowfox, a company that supplies sushi to several retailers across the country. While this launch may excite any sushi-loving Costco members who live in Sin City, many of the initial reviews were either mixed or downright bad.

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One member who reviewed the sushi on Reddit, for example, said it was just so-so.

"Honestly, the fish was solid but it just had the issue where the rice just wasn't that great. For a lazy option, it's passable," the Redditor wrote.

That complaint about the rice has become a common theme among other shoppers who've tried the sushi.

"Maybe I'm too much of a texture person but I'm going to say this stuff is just plain bad. The fish is what it is but the rice was just terrible—had this stiff congealed texture that I gave up on after a few pieces and ended up just eating the fish and roll fillings," one Redditor commented.

"It's terrible. The rice is so bad," another said.

While the Snowfox sushi is a new addition at the Las Vegas warehouse, Costco shoppers have also spotted it at several other locations in recent months. The product has also received its fair share of negative reviews in other parts of the country where it's currently available.

Earlier this month, a Costco shopper complained on Reddit that the Snowfox sushi has "deceptively thin slices of fish."

"I know fish is expensive, but I was expecting more than lunchmeat thickness and it looks that way from the side," they captioned a picture of the offending sushi.

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When another customer announced on Reddit that the Snowfox sushi had arrived at a Costco in Arlington, Tex., a few months ago, some commenters declared it "inedible" or "garbage."

Of course, not all Costco shoppers think that the Snowfox sushi is a bad. Some even say it's pretty tasty, at least for something that you can buy from a grocery store.

"My husband and I like it! It's certainly not restaurant sushi, but it scratches the itch well," a Redditor wrote a few months ago.

Still, the sheer number of complaints about the product means that it can be pretty hit or miss depending on your tastes. So if you happen to see the Snowfox brand pop up at your local Costco in the future, just take note of what fellow members have said about the divisive sushi before slipping a tray into your cart.

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