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Costco Is Selling One of the Rarest Wines in the World at a Huge Discount

Select warehouses have a limited supply of this hard-to-find item.

Costco is often celebrated for offering name-brand products at lower prices, and its wine options are no exception. Now, one recently spotted variety with a hefty price tag is turning heads.

On Reddit, one Costco shopper shared a photo of Screaming Eagle's Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon being sold at a Newark, Calif., warehouse club. "Had to make sure I was seeing correctly," the Reddit user wrote, alluding to the wine's $3,699.99 price tag.

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Although the cost of this red wine is enough to make jaws drop, Costco's pricing is actually discounted. While the wine's vintage isn't displayed in the photo on Reddit, Wine Searcher lists the average price of a 2018 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon for around $4,787—about $1,087 more expensive than Costco's offering.

One commenter in the Reddit thread wrote, "That is actually a great price," while another one called the offering a "screaming deal."

The Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon currently ranks as America's second most expensive wine on Wine Searcher. Beyond its notable price tag, this wine is also considered a rare find. Known for its cult-like following, Screaming Eagle has just 57 acres of vineyards and an annual production of about 500 cases of wine, according to VinePair.

Additionally, the winery has so many fans that it even has a waiting list on its website—one that "cannot give you a firm timeline" on how long the wait will take. In 2012, winemaker Nick Gislason revealed that it could take about 12 years to make Screaming Eagle's mailing list.

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However, if you're a wine enthusiast with a Costco membership, you won't have to wait that long. SFGATE reported multiple locations have this wine in stock, including warehouses in Newark, Redwood City, Foster City, Santa Clara, Danville, Novato, and San Jose, Calif. That being said, the warehouse clubs "have a very limited amount in stock."

Screaming Eagle informed the outlet that Costco has never been one of the winery's clients, telling SFGATE, "It is our understanding that they obtained these bottles through a wine auction."

The Napa Valley Cabernet is one of several big-ticket items shoppers can score at Costco. The warehouse club is also home to a selection of grandiose gifts ranging from a 72-pound wheel of parmesan cheese selling for $949.99 to an autographed Cristiano Ronaldo jersey priced at $999.999.

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