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5 Costco Shortages That Are Outraging Customers

Facebook and Twitter users are expressing their frustrations with these missing Costco items.

With the pandemic still looming over us in many different ways, grocery shoppers are noticing the ongoing shortages at their favorite stores. With changes in the supply chain, mass migrations of employees searching for better wages, and packaging and production supply shortages, many beloved grocery items are becoming harder to find. And Costco lovers are not exempt.

In fact, Costco warehouses across the country are facing many different shortages of our favorite grocery items, and we asked our readers on Facebook which ones have been the most frustrating and inconvenient.

Pet supplies

pet food costco

People all over the country are having trouble finding pet food and supplies. A Facebook user in Maui says their Costco location has had a shortage of cat food for quite some time now, while another user from Chicago says they've noticed a shortage of canned cat food as well.

People are also noticing shortages of other pet supplies like puppy training pads. And according to our online followers, it's not just Costco that's experiencing these shortages, as one user says, "there are cat food issues everywhere, even delivery services like Chewy are out of stuff."


man standing in publix meat aisle with empty shelves

Costco lovers are also noticing a shortage of their favorite meat and animal products. They're having trouble finding bacon, pork, and fish, and one user specifically noticed a shortage of chicken thighs. "There is always chicken breast, but no thighs or drumsticks."

One Costco shopper also noticed a shortage of the famous Just Bare chicken bites that "taste like the ones from Chick-fil-A."

Toilet paper

Toilet paper in the hands of the buyer in the store

No one can forget the panic buying of 2020 that left everyone wondering if they were going to be able to find enough toilet paper. With many grocery stores seeing another round of paper product shortages, people are wondering if they should be worried.

While there are still some Costco shortages of toilet paper, it's nothing compared to the beginning of the pandemic. However, changes in the supply chain, production, and a shortage of employees have forced many stores to limit toilet paper purchases.


produce shopping

Costco shoppers are also expressing frustration over being able to find their favorite fresh produce. One Facebook user says, "many of the usual fruits were not available in December, as well as some of my favorite greens."

And because of these shortages, many customers are noticing a huge spike in produce prices as well.


Food and paper products aren't the only shortages Costco shoppers are noticing. Across the country, Costco warehouses are struggling to keep their employees.

Due to a number of reasons like sickness, unfair wages, and being overworked, more employees are quitting their jobs than we've seen in recent history. And Costco shoppers are starting to take note of how it's affecting them as well.

Samantha Boesch
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