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'Best Costco Cookie Ever Made' Is Back at the Bakery

Shoppers are heaping superlatives on the returning item.

Summertime is often associated with various sweet treats, from ice cream and blueberry pie to the beloved s'more. While widely appreciated in its traditional form, the combination of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate has also been used in plenty of baked goods, including Costco's cookies.

First introduced last June, the s'mores cookies have finally made their long-awaited return to the bakery department. Spotted for $9.99, each container is filled with soft cookies made with graham cracker flour, marshmallows, and chocolate chunks.

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On Reddit, Costco shoppers praised the bakery item, with one fan calling the product "the best Costco cookie ever made."

In the thread, another Reddit user reminisced about the cookies' notable popularity after purchasing them last year.

"I took some to a get-together, and they got devoured quickly. I bought another tub of them and took them to the office, and people mowed through them. These things are highly addictive," they wrote.

Multiple Costco members have advised heating the cookies up to make them even more delicious.

"Tried these last year and took a suggestion to microwave for about 15 seconds. Perfection," one Reddit user shared. Another one recommended air frying the cookies.

If you're unsure about being able to finish the entire container, one shopper noted that these cookies freeze well, too.

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This isn't the only Costco bakery item garnering attention as it's hitting shelves. The all-butter pound cake has also returned and shoppers are reporting a price of $6.99.

Other popular items to recently hit warehouses include the key lime pie (370 calories per serving), caramel flan (230 calories per serving), and strawberries and cream bar cake (320 calories per serving).

Costco also just launched a new banana cream pie, which has generated notable buzz among customers. The pie weighs more than three-and-a-half pounds and features a butter graham cracker crust with a banana cream filling, caramel whipped topping, and a caramel drizzle. Shoppers have spotted this recent bakery addition for $15.99.

Nutrition information has been included where available.

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