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Costco's Bakery Just Rolled Out an Exciting New Dessert: 'So Creamy and Delicious'

The new item is sure to capture the attention of pie fans.

Costco is practically synonymous with bulk offerings—and its desserts are no exception. From the nearly five-pound peanut butter chocolate pie to the almost six-pound cherry-topped cheesecake, the warehouse club's bakery regularly rolls out sweet treats that can feed a crowd.

And now there's a new giant dessert that's getting rave reviews: the banana cream pie. Recently spotted and highlighted by multiple social media users, the new bakery item weighs over three pounds. It's made with real bananas and features a banana cream filling, caramel whipped topping, and a caramel drizzle on a butter graham cracker crust. Costco members have reported a price of $15.99, though the cost may vary by location.

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Earlier this week, Costco fan account @costcohotfinds, run by Laura Lamb, announced the bakery item's arrival. "I love the butter graham cracker crust. This pie is so, so creamy and delicious," Lamb said in the video.

The post has since racked up over 900 comments, with shoppers sharing their excitement and reviews of the new banana cream pie.

"Got this for Mother's Day and it is sooo smooth and tasty. The caramel is a great addition," one commenter wrote.

"This pie is amazing!!!!! Costco for the win!!!" another one added.

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That being said, the new dessert hasn't gone without criticism. While some pointed out the pie's lengthy list of ingredients, others took issue with how it tasted.

"It's awful. We took one bite and threw it away over the weekend. All fluff and no flavor!" one person commented.

"I've never met a Costco pie I didn't enjoy. This one however, tasted like a bag of sugar. It was super duper sweet. Just couldn't finish the whole slice," another one added.

Meanwhile, others expressed their desire for the pie to have actual banana slices in it.

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The banana cream pie isn't the only recent addition to the Costco bakery. The retailer's strawberries and cream bar cake (320 calories per serving) and flan (230 calories per serving) recently hit stores.

Costco first debuted the strawberries and cream bar cake last spring. This dessert, which shoppers spotted for $18.99, consists of a white cake with strawberry filling and sweet whipped cream. The flan, priced at $14.99, features caramel custard and a caramel topping.

Nutrition information has been included where available.

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