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Costco Is Selling an Adorable New Reese's Product

The new candy is Reese's first seasonal summer shape.

Costco's shelves are already home to scores of craveable treats and snacks, from its fan-favorite Kirkland Signature Sweet Heat Snack Mix to its 'creamy and delicious" Banana Cream Pie. As of this week, Costco shoppers have yet another buzzworthy new goody to try at the retailer.

A Costco member just spotted Reese's new medal-shaped peanut butter cups (170 calories per serving) at their local warehouse and tipped off fellow shoppers about their discovery on Reddit. The candy brand introduced the adorable new peanut butter cup shape earlier this year in anticipation of the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. Though Reese's Medals are also available for purchase online and at other retailers like Walmart and Kroger, this is the first time a shopper has reported seeing them at Costco.

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Costco, true to form, was selling the treats in sizable 39.8-ounce bags for $11.99 in the warehouse where they were recently spotted. Prices and availability may vary at different locations, so interested shoppers should check directly with their local Costco before heading over.

In what the brand describes as its "first-ever summer season shape," Reese's Medals feature the same peanut butter and milk chocolate customers already know and love. But fans have reported that the chocolate shell is thinner and the filling ratio is higher than what you get with a typical Reese's cup.

According to one shopper, this makes for an extra delicious Reese's treat.

"These are by far some of the best Reese's…we are on bag three," a Redditor wrote.

Anyone interested in grabbing a bag of Reese's Medals from Costco probably shouldn't wait too long before doing so. Customers have been buzzing about the new offering on Reddit, indicating that demand could be fierce.

"Looks like I'm going to Costco today," a Redditor commented on the post.

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Reese's Medals are only one of several exciting new product launches from the beloved candy brand in 2024. New Reese's Cluster Bites (160 calories per serving) hit grocery store shelves in February, consisting of peanut butter, caramel, and crunchy peanuts covered in chocolate. Customers can purchase seven-ounce packages of the gooey snack online, as well as at a variety of retailers.

Other new Reese's innovations that have debuted this year include new peanut-shaped peanut butter cups (170 calories per serving), as well as limited-edition Direct from the Factory Peanut Butter Eggs (170 calories per serving), which were packed fresh and shipped directly to customers.

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