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This Simple Diet Mistake Is Making You Miserable, Survey Finds

Want to feel happier and more energetic? Those who do drink this daily.

It can be easy to feel down and sluggish this winter—many of us are stuck in lockdown, and as the weather gets colder, it's tempting to spend all day sitting around inside. One simple change to your daily routine, however, can help give you the boost you need to keep your spirits up. According to a survey by home appliances company Bosch, people who drink water regularly are happier, more optimistic, more energetic, and more successful than those who don't.

The survey compared the answers of people who drink six or more glasses of water per day to those of people who drink fewer than one (a big diet mistake). Turns out, people who drink water regularly are more than three times as likely to report that they're "very happy" than their dehydrated counterparts. Members of the water-drinking group are also four times as likely to call themselves optimistic people. Basically, drinking enough water is an easy way to set yourself up for feeling great every day. So, if you're not regularly drinking water every day, now is the time to start. (Related: The One Vitamin Doctors Are Urging Everyone to Take Right Now.)

Hydrating is also related to how much you achieve and how wakeful you feel. Respondents from the six-or-more-glasses group were significantly more likely to describe themselves as successful than their one-glass-or-fewer peers, and they reported waking up exhausted fewer times per week. In fact, the hydrated group even reported being on time for work more often than the non-water-drinkers.

Of course, it's important to note that correlation is not causation. The survey asked if people drink water, and asked if they were optimistic. It didn't ask if drinking water made them optimistic. Still, if you want to be happy and successful, it helps to cultivate the habits of happy and successful people. For more ways that hydration can improve your life, be sure to check out What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Water.

Clara Olshansky
Clara Olshansky (they/she) is a Brooklyn-based writer and comic whose web content has appeared in Food & Wine, Harper’s Magazine, Men's Health, and Reductress. Read more
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