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Drinking This One Thing Every Morning Gives Me More Energy And Cleared My Skin

Preparing it the night before is key!

Everyone has a morning routine they follow once the alarm clock goes off. Although it's different for everyone—some people like to brush their teeth first while others need a bit of coffee before they can truly function—changing up one thing during my mornings has seriously changed my entire day. Now instead of waking up and grabbing my phone or starting on some breakfast, I do something else that has given me more energy and has drastically improved my skin: drinking a big cup of water!

Sure, we all know that drinking water is important, but after starting to have some in the morning right when I woke up a few months ago, I have noticed some significant changes. Not only have I seen my skin improve and look more "glowy", but I have also noticed my energy levels skyrocket right away. I no longer need to wait for coffee to get me going!

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Why is water an A+ morning drink?

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As registered dietitian Amy Shapiro, MS, RD of Real Nutrition and member of the Eat This, Not That! Medical Expert Board previously told us, water is really the best thing to drink in the morning before anything else (including that cup of joe) because of our sleep. "We get dehydrated overnight as we breathe and sweat for 8+ hours. So rehydrating is super important and getting started the first thing allows for improved energy and focus," she said.

So much of our body is made up of water that it makes total sense that staying hydrated is a major key to feeling good. That's why experts recommend drinking about eight cups a day. I could sit here and list the benefits of getting this much water in your system a day for sentences and sentences, but some of the big ones include improved blood pressure, improved exercise performance, and a lower risk of kidney stones. And it all can start with a few cups right away when you wake up.

How I feel now.

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In January I started to wonder what little changes I could implement into my day to improve it, and I realized that what better way to do this than to start right away every day. I started getting a designated water cup ready each night before I went to sleep. Then, when I woke up, the 28-36 ounces of filtered water (which is equivalent to about three cups) were waiting for me. It's like putting workout clothes out the night before—with the cup full and ready to go, I found it super easy to grab and sip as I groggily stumble out of bed.

One of the most immediate changes I noticed when I started drinking 2-3 cups of water every morning was that I had to go to the bathroom earlier each day. Then my digestion started regulating. Then I found myself more willing to continue drinking water throughout the day. Now, three months later, my skin is soft and feels hydrated, and I notice I'm focusing better throughout long afternoons. This habit is so ingrained in me now that even if I'm not sleeping at home, I still make sure a class of water is prepared and waiting for me, even if it's in a water bottle.

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