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6 Bodyweight Exercises To Transform Your Figure in One Month

The most effective way to reach your goal is with bodyweight exercises.

Let's get real: Everyone likes immediate results and gratification when it comes to body goals. With summer just around the bend, it's a common desire to be in shape with the snap of a finger. But alas, we all know it's not that easy. We spoke with Mike Bohl, MD, MPH, ALM—a member of our Medical Expert Board and a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who has helped develop the Body Program at Ro, and are here to say that consistency and dedication are your best friends. Dr. Bohl shares six bodyweight exercises to transform your body in one month. So let's not waste any time!

Making big changes to your body always requires a good deal of hard work. The most effective way to reach your goal of transforming your figure is with bodyweight exercises.

Dr. Bohl tells us, "Bodyweight exercises tend to target the muscles people really think about when reshaping the body, such as having bigger arms, a broader chest and back, a flatter stomach, and more muscular legs and buttocks. But bodyweight exercises are also so effective because they are compound movements, targeting more than just one muscle group at a time and also involving smaller stabilizer muscles." The great news is, bodyweight exercises are incredibly convenient to fit into your routine, since performing all but chin-ups and pull-ups do not require the use of equipment.

Good old-fashioned exercises are what Dr. Bohl suggests, as he explains, "I like to keep it simple, and bodyweight exercises are some of the most well-known exercises out there. Therefore, instead of trying to remember new, complicated bodyweight exercises, stick to the basics."

Keep reading to learn all about the best bodyweight exercises to transform your body in one month. And for more fitness inspiration, be sure to check out The 5 Best Floor Exercises To Maintain a Lean Body as You Age.


fit woman doing outdoor pushups on the grass

This classic bodyweight exercise is extremely versatile. Not only do pushups target your chest and triceps, but they also involve isometric contractions that benefit your entire body. Dr. Bohl recommends performing a variety of pushups to work several parts of your chest muscles. This is essential if your goal is to transform your body shape.

"For easier pushups, keep your knees on the ground. For incline pushups and decline pushups, use a stair and put either your hands or feet on the first step. You can also vary your pushups based on how far apart your hands are or whether your elbows bend out to the side or stay tucked next to your body," Dr. Bohl explains.


fit man doing pull-ups outdoors

A pull-up bar is necessary to include pull-ups. Including them in your routine is a stellar way to build a wider back and truly transform your body. "They primarily target the biceps and lats," Dr. Bohl explains.

To set up, you'll position yourself right under a pull-up bar, Sweat instructs. Using an overhand grip, place your hands on the bar outside shoulder distance. Hang onto the bar so that your feet are off the floor. Press your shoulders "back and down." Then, bend both elbows to initiate the upward movement of your body. You should come up all the way so that your chin is over the bar. Take a deep breath before descending to the starting position.

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fit woman doing chin-ups

You may find that chin-ups are easier to do than pull-ups, and they both target similar muscles. Chin-ups are great to increase your back and arm muscles.

You'll perform chin-ups with an underhand grip, MasterClass instructs. Take hold of the bar with your hands shoulder-width distance apart. Your arms should be extended with a small bend in the elbows, and your feet should be off the ground. Bring both elbows toward your body and press your shoulders down as you pull yourself up. Once your collarbone is level with the bar, you'll remain at the top for a moment before lowering down.


man doing bodyweight squats

Dr. Bohl points out, "When your goal is to transform your body, squats are a double-hitter: Working out the larger muscles burns more calories, and squats help develop the muscles of the buttocks and legs."

This exercise begins with either your feet planted shoulder-width or hip-width distance apart, PureGym explains. Opt for the most comfortable stance. Bend both knees, and hinge your hips back as you descend into a squat. Lower until your thighs reach parallel to the floor. Use both feet to press yourself back up to standing.

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woman doing side lunges by the water, demonstrating exercises for women to build muscle without equipment

Forward lunges add a bit of variety to your regimen. To switch things up a bit further, you can add sideway lunges as well.

For forward lunges, your feet will be shoulder-width distance apart, PureGym instructs. Take a big step forward with your right leg, bending that knee and your back knee to descend into a lunge. Press yourself up through your right heel to come back to the starting position. Do the same movement on the other side.

For lateral lunges, you'll once again begin with your feet planted shoulder-width distance apart. Use your right leg to step out and descend into a side lunge until your right knee forms a 90-degree angle. Maintain a straight back. Push yourself back up. Complete the prescribed amount of reps before doing the exercise on your left side.


mature man doing situps as part of middle-aged workout group class

Transforming one's body often includes working toward a flat belly. Although achieving a lean midsection is really more about losing weight, it's important to include a good ab workout to tone your abdominal muscles.

You'll begin by lying on a workout mat with both knees bent and your feet planted on the floor. Activate your core as you bring your upper body up.

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