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Twitter and Instagram React to Losing Chef Floyd Cardoz to COVID-19

The legendary chef fell victim to the novel coronavirus and the culinary world is devastated.

Floyd Cardoz, the chef behind former critically-acclaimed restaurants in New York City, Tabla, Paowalla, and Bombay Bread Bar, has passed away after contracting COVID-19.

According to independent news site,, Cardoz, 59, passed away today in a hospital in New Jersey. The renowned chef, known for masterfully infusing Indian flavors into American cuisine, first posted on Instagram on March 18 about falling ill. He notified his followers that he had checked into a hospital in NYC after he developed a fever upon returning from a trip to India.

The post was then removed and replaced with this one:

This was his last post before unfortunately passing away today at a different hospital in New Jersey.

Cardoz's recent ventures consisted of two restaurants, The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro, in Mumbai, India, which are beloved additions to the ever-expanding Indian fine dining scene.

Other accolades for the well-respected chef include being crowned the winner of Bravo TV's Top Chef Master in season three. The chef also had the pleasure of cooking a spicy Goa-inspired meal for former president Barack Obama in 2014. Most recently, Cardoz was featured in season 2 of the popular Netflix series, Ugly Delicious in the episode, "Don't Call it Curry."

The culinary world is devastated by the loss of Floyd Cardoz. Here's what some chefs, restauranteurs, and food writers are saying about his passing.

It goes without mention that his legacy will live on, especially for those who have had the pleasure of meeting him or dining at one of his restaurants.

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