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The Healthiest Baked Goods at Costco, Says Dietitian

We all love the familiar smell of the bakery, but how do these goodies stack up?
FACT CHECKED BY Olivia Tarantino

Costco is known for its budget-friendly, bulk items, and their bakery is no exception! Whether you are Team Savory or Team Sweet, Costco has you covered.

The store has a unique selection of baked items ranging from their uber-popular Tiramisu bar cake to limited-time, seasonal favorites like pumpkin pie. Plus, unlike many grocers, Costco bakes their bread and pies fresh from scratch! And while you may assume that since everything is bigger at Costco that it may also mean everything at the bakery is bigger portions, and unhealthier, that's not true. Try these healthy baked goods yourself next time you're in the store. And for more on how to eat healthy, don't miss The Best & Worst Costco Bakery Items—Ranked!

Everything Bagel

everything bagel

Although bagels have a reputation for being rather high in total calories, this pick is actually the healthiest bagel option at Costco! Sometimes, high-calorie isn't a bad thing.

These breakfast rounds are packed with 4 g of fiber from whole grains. If you cut one in half and pair it with nutrient-dense foods, you're on your way to a balanced meal.

Consider eating the bagel open-faced with an egg and sliced avocado on top, and you've got yourself a breakfast option that is sure to satisfy.

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Caramel Tres Leches Bar Cake

costco tres leches bar cake
Courtesy of Costco

At the Costco Bakery, this one takes the cake. One serving of this Latino-inspired cake is only 190 calories which is a far cry from their other bar cakes that have nearly double the calories per slice.

This cake is a double knockout as it's the lowest calorie and lowest carbohydrate cake option in the bakery section.

Feeling a little extra? Add these fancy Costco items to your cart next time you swing by the store.

Raspberry Walnut Rugula with Cream Cheese

costco raspberry walnut rugula cream cheese
Courtesy of Costco

These sweet, swirl-y cookies are a fan favorite, and for good reason. They clock in at 110 calories per cookie with 9 carbohydrates and only 4 grams of sugar. That's hard to beat when looking for a lower sugar option to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pair these with a mug of hot tea for a quick, satisfying palate cleanser after dinner!

Rosemary Parmesan bread

costco rosemary parmesan bread
Courtesy of Costco

If savory is more your style, you'll love the Rosemary Parmesan bread. Compared to other dinner breads, this option serves up just 160 calories per serving and 26 carbs.

This savory loaf pairs nicely with a hearty vegetable soup or minestrone soup. Bonus points: the protein and fiber in the soup will help provide increased feelings of fullness and satiety at your meal.

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Multigrain Bread

costco multigrain bread
Courtesy of Costco

This whole-grain option is sure to please the taste buds, and it's heart-healthy. High in fiber from whole grains, this wholesome bread delivers. With only 150 calories per serving and 3 g of fiber, this bread holds the gold medal at Costco for its fiber content.

Whether you're making a breakfast sandwich or a quick afternoon peanut butter toast, this bread brings its A-game for your health.

Chocolate Strawberries

costco chocolate strawberries
Costco Buys/ Facebook

These morsels are a satisfying, low-calorie treat to stick it to your taste buds. With only 90 calories per serving, we love the chocolate-covered strawberries for the natural sweetness of the fruit paired with the creamy milk chocolate shell. With only 11 carbs per serving and 7 added sugars, your post-meal blood sugars will thank you here.

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