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Hershey's Kisses Cereal Is Now on Shelves at Walmart

It'll become more widely available come January, but it's already been spotted at the big-box retailer!

If you love it when regular foods are turned into cereals, prepare to rejoice. In the latest hot-button addition to the breakfast aisle, Hershey's and General Mills joined forces to create Hershey's Kisses Cereal.

While other cereal collaborations are questionable to say the least—like last month's divisive Twinkies cereal—we're betting that this one might have staying power. After all, who can possibly turn down the chocolaty goodness of a Hershey's Kiss? And without having to fiddle with that pesky tinfoil wrapping? It's a win-win!

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Rumors about the Hershey's Kisses cereal started circulating across foodie social media everywhere in late October after the popular Instagram account @markie_devo leaked the news: "I think we should just give up real food and start an all cereal diet," he said.

Originally, we expected to dig into the cereal beginning in early 2020, but apparently, the sweet rollout has already begun. YouTuber Tami Dunn, whose nearly 70,000 subscribers know her for her delicious cooking video and snack reviews, spotted the box in Walmart recently and promptly posted a video.

Together with her husband, Kevin, they describe the cereal as having a "good crunch," and note that they like the texture. However, the couple added they prefer it with milk: "The milk kind of adds that little creaminess, that creamy flavor." Also, think of the leftover bowl milk…so chocolaty!

Dunn got her family-sized box for $3.64 at Walmart, though it seems like the going rate is expected to be $3.99 for a medium-sized box, and $4.99 for the extra-large, family-sized version.

At 140 calories per 1-cup serving, this decadently chocolate cereal is, against all odds and expectations, in line with the caloric figures of competitors. The Twinkies cereal, for instance, rings in at 140 calories per cup, while the Sour Patch one (yes, that exists) has 180.

While the mini cereal kisses are already on shelves at Walmart, they will be more "widely available" beginning in January 2020, as reported by People. And for more surprising breakfast foods on the horizon, Kellogg's Is Launching Pretzel-Flavored Pop-Tarts in the New Year.

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