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Good News: HIIT Isn't The Best Way to Lose Weight

There's been a ton of buzz lately about the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT).

This training method, which requires exercisers to perform a quick bout of exertion followed by a short recovery period, has been said to aid weight loss and control appetite more effectively than moderate-intensity workouts. While HIIT workouts are indeed effective and efficient, according to new research published in the journal Appetite, the positive effects of even-keeled workouts shouldn't be dismissed—especially if that's the method of training you prefer. Yes, we're talking to all you long-distance athletes out there!

To come to this finding, researchers gave their study participants a standardized breakfast before having them complete either a HIIT-style or a moderate-intensity workout. A second standardized meal was given to the participants 45 minutes after they finished breaking a sweat. What the researchers discovered was pretty interesting: No matter what type of exercise regimen the subjects completed, there was no difference in their levels of ghrelin, a hunger-regulating hormone, or self-reported appetite.

The takeaway: If you've been advised not to partake in HIIT training or you simply don't enjoy it, don't sweat it! You can still burn calories, reduce your appetite and subsequently lose weight by simply doing the type of exercise that is healthy and enjoyable for you!

Dana Leigh Smith
Dana has written for Women's Health, Prevention, Reader's Digest, and countless other publications. Read more about Dana Leigh