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How Many Calories Are In an Apple?

An expert reveals if an apple a day keeps the calories away.

You've likely heard this saying before, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." But did you know that apples can also help keep your calorie count down? You heard that right—apples are just one of those perfect things in life that won't steer you wrong. Not only is this fruit the perfect snack to choose because it's very low in calories, but it's also rich in fiber and will help you feel full. Apples are truly a dieter's best friend. But exactly how many calories are in an apple that makes it such a weight loss delight? We're here to answer that question, along with offering the benefits of incorporating apples into your diet to lose weight.

Whether you like them fresh off the tree, in your cereal, or on top of your salad, apples are a super healthy, low-calorie snack. So before we delve into more details, grab an apple, and let's chat a bit! In the meantime, check out 9 Best Low-Calorie Breakfasts for Weight Loss.

How many calories are in an apple?

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When it comes to the calorie count, it really depends on the type of apple. However, many of them are less than 100 calories for a medium-sized fruit. For example, one medium-sized Golden Delicious apple is 96 calories, a medium-sized Gala apple is 98 calories, a medium-sized Granny Smith apple is 97 calories, a medium-sized Fuji apple is 121 calories, and a medium-sized Red Delicious is 125 calories.

In addition to being low in calories, apples are chock-full of health benefits. Laura Burak MS, RD, founder of GetNaked® Nutrition and author of Slim Down with Smoothies, tells Eat This, Not That!, "Like all fruits, apples grow outside and are therefore automatically healthy for you! No package, no ingredient list. Focusing on a diet rich in fruits and veggies, which are all grown from the earth, is ideal because they provide tons of nutrients and antioxidants naturally. Apples are like the perfect portable nutritious food package. They have an extra impressive nutrition resume since they are full of extra fiber from their edible skin." In addition, apples offer a substantial amount of antioxidants (which have been associated with weight loss), along with vitamin C.

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How can eating apples help you lose weight?

If a solid chunk of your diet contains produce, Burak says you're "getting the best bang for your buck" if you want to lose or keep up a healthy weight. This is because fruits like apples (in addition to vegetables) are considered "high-volume foods," which means you can enjoy them in abundance because they naturally come with a low calorie count and high water content, in addition to fiber and nutrients. Apples will have you feeling full, which means you'll be less likely to snack or overeat during your next meal!

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Here's how to eat apples for weight loss.

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So many of us have a love-hate relationship with sweets. Burak suggests, "If you sub in naturally sweet fruit like apples sometimes instead of high-calorie low-volume sweets like ice cream, cookies, and cake, this practice can help move you in the right direction with your health and weight."

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A go-to snack of Burak's is an apple with almond or peanut butter. She says, "The perfect combo and balance of the sweet apple with the salty nut butter prevents you from reaching for the snacks with added sugar which can easily lead to weight gain."

You can also incorporate chopped apples into chia pudding or cold overnight oats with a dash of cinnamon, which helps you avoid added sugar. Opting for crunchy, tasty apples rather than brown or white sugar, syrup, and honey will help you slowly move away from the super-sweet taste that many of us crave in the typical American diet.

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