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Kate Beckinsale, 49, Continues To Crush Her Fitness Game With Goat Yoga

Beckinsale makes staying fit a priority, and she knows how to have fun with it.

Kate Beckinsale looks incredible at 49 years old. One of her secrets? The actress clearly makes staying fit and leading an active lifestyle a priority. And guess what? Beckinsale knows how to have fun while doing it. The Serendipity star caught our attention recently, as she enjoyed some super cool exercise time with the most adorable new furry friends. Kate Beckinsale seems quite smitten with therapeutic goat yoga moves, and you'll just have to namaste and read on to learn all about her workout sesh.

Kate Beckinsale makes fitness a priority.

Kate Beckinsale
Kristy Sparow / Stringer / Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale is no stranger to the health benefits of performing yoga and staying in impeccable shape. "I wake up, eat something, and go straight to the gym. Then, if I'm going to do cardio I'll do it later on in the day," Beckinsale says (via Women's Health). When the star's not on the go traveling, she heads to the gym six days every week to work out.

Earlier this summer, Beckinsale posted pics on Instagram of herself in what appeared to be an online class doing some yoga moves outdoors with one of her cats, Clive. The star also shared an ab workout video this spring performing crunches suspended from a ceiling ladder. Talk about impressive!

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Her goat yoga workout is giving off major "baamaste" vibes.

Kate Beckinsale
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor / Getty Images

The actress recently posted some Instagram photos and videos of herself participating in a goat yoga class, and they are giving us all the "baamaste" vibes. One is a group photo where a camel and white-colored goat shows off their fashionable orange collar for the camera. There's also a video of several goats weaving through the group of yogis who hold their Reverse Warrior pose. The exercisers get into Downward Dog for another video while a goat walks back and forth across their backs. Our favorite clip? One of the goats who is clearly smitten with Beckinsale jumps on her back during a pose for what seems to be an assist.

Beckinsale is clearly smitten with all the sweet babies, and so are we. She captioned one of the videos, "Literally ideal day. Brace yourselves for at least six months of goat content @hellocrittercare," and she's not alone! The post received more than 252K likes, and fans are all about the cuteness. It captures the camel and white-colored goat giving Kate a gentle kiss—right smack on the lips as she holds a treat in her mouth. Comments included, "I love her cute turquoise hooves," and, "I love your love for animals. One day there will be a Beckinsale Farm which has every animal possible." Naomi Watts even commented, "Bring it on!! Here for everything goaty."

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What are the benefits of yoga?

woman on lake dock demonstrating yoga exercise incredibly fit people do

Yoga is a favorite form of fitness that's so beneficial to your overall health. Performing yoga on the regular can greatly improve your heart health, strength, flexibility, balance, mood, and sleep patterns. It can also soothe lower back pain and arthritis, in addition to helping relieve stress.

What are the benefits of goat yoga?

goat on yoga mat for goat yoga

Adding miniature goats to a yoga class? All we can say is laughter is a great form of medicine. So get ready to snuggle, smile, laugh, and play with some of the cutest participants in the class. Goats are silly, funny, and love to interact. Let's be honest: What's better than watching a baby goat inviting itself to join in on someone's back to help them complete the best Downward-facing Dog move ever?

Individuals who suffer from illnesses like cancer, depression, and anxiety seem to benefit from this activity. How so? The silliness and fun are simply infectious, and goats jumping around apparently generate all-around positivity in every class.

Goat yoga is certainly not new, but it is certainly a great, fun, and healthy trend that's still going strong. And we're so glad about it!

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