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McDonald's Cinnamon Cookie Latte Is a Budget-Friendly Starbucks Alternative

Mark your calendars now.

Fall has barely begun, but retailers are already looking toward the holiday season. And if you can't imagine the colder months without some hot coffee treats, you're in luck. The McDonald's cinnamon cookie latte is a budget-friendly addition to the seasonal coffee lineup. If you love holiday flavors, you'll want to try this drink as soon as it hits the fast-food chain in November.

And while Starbucks' holiday cups have a fanbase all their own, these lattes will also come in a festive packaging. The McDonald's holiday cups will feature "a fresh coat of glistening snow around the McCafé logo," according to a press release from the company. So, yes, these drinks will be just as Instagrammable as their pricier counterparts.

When will the McDonald's cinnamon cookie latte be available?

Mark your calendars: The drink will hit McDonald's on November 6. And, best of all, it comes at a pretty accessible price point. A small cinnamon cookie latte will only set you back $2, which is considerably less than you'd pay for a similar "tall" drink at Starbucks.

Plus, there are even more deals if you order your drink through the McDonald's app or scan it at the kiosks. You can get a free McCafe drink for every five you buy, so $10 will really get you a whopping six lattes. Not bad.

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Are there other McDonald's seasonal items?

A press release from the company revealed that the new latte won't be the only addition to this year's holiday menu. McDonald's will also be releasing a chocolate dipping sauce for its donut fries. It's not exactly a traditional Christmas flavor, per se, but what isn't made better with some delicious, melty chocolate?

McDonald's has also offered the custard-filled holiday pie in past years, but it's not clear if it will be returning to the holiday menu this season. But with the new latte and the chocolate dip, there are still plenty of reasons to get excited about the colder months ahead.

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