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McDonald's Adds All-New Oreo Shamrock McFlurry to Its Menu for St. Patrick's Day

Move over Shamrock Shake, there's a new green ice cream treat in town.

The most anticipated news each February arguably isn't which restaurants will have the best Valentine's Day deals (something single people couldn't care less about), but rather when exactly McDonald's will bring back its esteemed Shamrock Shake. This year, upon the announcement of the shake's return in mid-February, the fast-food giant hit us with a pleasant surprise: a brand new dessert called the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry will be joining the longtime favorite green shake.

In honor of the Shamrock Shake's 50th anniversary, Mickey D's decided to add another friend to the lineup, and it's one that is filled with bits of Oreo cookies. Starting Feb. 19, you can order both St. Patrick's Day-inspired treats for a limited time only. And in case you're not up to speed on what the Shamrock Shake is made of, here's a quick rundown of what's hiding inside of each delicious dessert.

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The beloved Shamrock Shake comprises a base of McDonald's classic vanilla soft serve that's swirled with its custom Shamrock flavoring and garnished with a fluffy whipped topping. The Oreo Shamrock Shake contains the exact same ingredients except it adds cookies bits into the mix, which makes the texture a touch thicker.

Will the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry become the favorite St. Patty's Day treat, or does the Shamrock Shake have a strong enough following to remain top dog? Based on how people are reacting on Twitter, we think it's going to be a pretty sweet battle.

At the same time, people are pretty hyped about the new dessert.

We'll leave that for you to decide.

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