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McDonald's Now Serves a Sweet Treat You've Never Seen Before

The striking black pie is finally making its way to the United States.

Some lucky McDonald's fans are finally getting access to a dessert that has never been seen before in the United States. Days after rumors began circulating about the upcoming debut of the treat, the burger chain has officially confirmed that it is launching a brand-new Cookies & Crème Pie this week.

This chocolatey new alternative to McDonald's classic handheld Apple Pie features a chocolate cookie crumb crust filled with a vanilla crème and pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies. McDonald's restaurants in Malaysia have previously offered a version of this dessert, per Delish, but this is the first time it has made its way to America.

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The food-focused Instagram account Snackolator, which has accurately previewed the launch of many fast-food items prior to official announcements, mentioned the Cookies & Crème Pie in a post last week. McDonald's confirmed the launch to a few days later, saying that the pies would be available in select markets for a limited time starting on July 14. However, customers in certain parts of the country are already getting access to the fast-food giant's newest dessert.

One TikToker, who discovered the pie at a McDonald's restaurant in California, posted a video about it and rated the treat a "10/10."


According to Snackolator and, other locations where the pie will be available include Oklahoma, New Jersey, Ohio, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and New York City. McDonald's did not immediately respond to our queries for more details regarding where customers can expect to find the pies.

With its debut, the Cookies & Crème Pie will become the latest in a very limited list of desserts that have hit American McDonald's menus since the start of 2023. The chain debuted a new Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry in April that features creamy vanilla soft serve, strawberry-flavored clusters, and crispy shortbread cookies. McDonald's also recently achieved viral success with its berry-flavored purple Grimace Shake featured in the Grimace Birthday Meal. Though the Grimace promotion was meant to celebrate McDonald's fuzzy purple mascot, TikTokers turned it into a morbid trend where they pretended to die after consuming the shake.

Rumors have also emerged that McDonald's is planning to debut a brand-new Peanut Butter Crunch McFlurry as early as this month, though the company hasn't confirmed the news.

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