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32 Movies with the Most Memorable Food Scenes

Feeling hungry? It's a good thing that munching on popcorn is a mandatory part of movie marathons!

Everything looks better in the movies; it's all part of the magic of the big screen. And the role that food plays in every script is no exception. Movies tell the stories of our lives and food is what brings us all together—which is why it's a beautiful combination. Here's a look at more than 30 movies with memorable scenes that either feature food, talk about food, worship food, or are simply experts in making us hungry every time. See how many you're familiar with and then don't miss these best and worst weight loss tips from movies!

When Harry Met Sally

While eating a highly custom sandwich at the famed Katz's Deli in New York City, Sally (Meg Ryan) fakes an orgasm to prove to her pal Harry that women are great actresses in the bedroom. Perhaps one of the most memorable lines ever was uttered by the old lady at the next table then followed: "I'll have what she's having!" She could also have any of these foods sex experts say to eat.

Mrs. Doubtfire

When you're not used to being the nanny, let alone a woman, it's inevitable that there will be a mishap or two in the kitchen—and there's nothing funnier than Robin Williams dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire setting his burgeoning bosoms on fire while cooking! An honorable mention from this amazing flick is when Williams plants his face into a whipped-cream pie in order to disguise himself.


There's nothing like a good ol' fashioned diner—and we love The Frosty Palace that the kids from Grease used as their hangout. The scene where T-Bird Keneckie gets a shake thrown on his head by girlfriend Rizzo is a classic. I mean, how else does one react when they think they're knocked up but haven't told their boyfriend?

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Is there anything more glamorous than Holly Golightly in her famous little black dress, sunglasses, and updo, enjoying a pastry and coffee while looking in the window of Tiffany's on Fifth Avenue in the opening scene of the classic movie? No, there is not—and if you didn't already have a craving for a sweet breakfast treat, you will now!


Every teen girl in the '90s learned this tip from Cher Horowitz: "Whenever a boy comes over, you should always have something baking." The uncut log of cookie dough creating clouds of smoke underlines the fact that she was, well, a bit clueless.

Jurassic Park

Sure, Jell-O isn't the tastiest of treats, but it got a whole new meaning in one of the most famous scenes in Jurassic Park. When the kids' green Jell-O starts shaking—and not in that jiggly, fun kind of way—you knew that it was time for them to run from dinosaurs!


Courtesy of YouTube

When Adam and Barbara want to get the rich and rude Deetz family out of their house, they take their boring dinner up a notch with one of the most awesome dinner parties, well, in history! Possessing the table and forcing them to sing "Day-O" before getting a faceful of crab? How do we pull that off at our next gathering?

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Yes, the whole movie makes us hungry—after all, it's about finding a golden ticket in a candy bar to win access to a chocolate factory! But perhaps the moment that stands out the most is when Augustus can't resist that chocolate river—the same one that hasn't ever been touched by human hands—and falls right in. We don't know about you, but a dip in a pool of chocolate sounds pretty darn delish!


Lobster for dinner? Yes, please! It's one of the most decadent and delicious meals to serve on a date (even though getting the meat out of the shell can be a tad messy). But if your date is a mermaid, well, you might find yourself with a little less mess. Those from under the sea dive right into their lobster—shell and all!

American Pie

The movie is called American Pie because it's about a group of young men determined to lose their virginities are told that it will feel just like a warm apple pie. Jim (played by Jason Biggs) needs to know for sure and just can't resist temptation when he arrives home to find—what else—an apple pie on the kitchen counter. For many people, they'll never look at apple pie in the same way again.

Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the tramp spaghetti scene
Courtesy of YouTube

Be honest: Have you ever had a plate of spaghetti and meatballs with your significant other and tried to recreate this romantic, iconic scene? It's a buona notte as Lady and Tramp accidentally kiss over a shared strand of spaghetti!


Downing an entire bottle of soda in one gulp and then pouring maple syrup on spaghetti may sound gross to most—but not to one of Santa's elves with a sugar addiction like no other! Ironically, you may be consuming just as much syrup as Buddy; check out these surprising foods that shouldn't have syrup in them—but usually do!

Eat Pray Love

When our heroine (played by Julia Roberts) goes on the "Eat" portion of her journey, there's nothing more mouth-watering than the pizza she eats in Italy. She even declares that she's now in a relationship with it! We do not blame her; if anything, we're a little jealous!

Julie and Julia

The Julia in the title is, of course, famed French chef Julia Child—and watching Meryl Streep play her to perfection while cooking up a storm in some key scenes is like watching poetry in motion. Foodies of all kind were instantly mesmerized!

The Big Lebowski

Everyone loves "the Dude." But when we first meet him, he's in the grocery store buying half-and-half and proceeds to pay for the 69-cent purchase with a check! For anyone who has ever scrounged together their change in an attempt to buy some kitchen staples at the store, this scene is for you!


Legend has it that M&Ms were originally asked to be the candy of choice when Elliot and his siblings leave a trail for their alien friend E.T. Although M&Ms declined, the folks at Reese's Pieces were happy to help make their candy become a part of silver screen history.

The Breakfast Club

The brain, athlete, basket case, princess, and criminal learn a lot about each other during their day-long Saturday in detention. But lunchtime really says it all when Claire (the princess) eats some fancy sushi and Andrew (the athlete) has a hearty assortment of sandwiches, a quart of milk, a bag of cookies, a bag of potato chips, an apple, and a banana. Brian (the brain) has a mom-approved lunch of soup, apple juice, and a PB&J with the crusts cut off. Allison (the basket case) gets points for creativity with a sandwich filled with sugar from a pixie stix and Cap'n Crunch. Bender (the criminal) of course has nothing!

Annie Hall

Love blooms between Alvy and Annie in this iconic scene from the equally iconic movie. It's less about lobster and more about love, but it still proves how food can bring people together. Alvy and Annie are trying to cook lobsters in their kitchen, but the creatures escape and are all over the floor! They joke and laugh and—of course—freak out as they try to get their dinner into a pot of boiling water (aka the lobster grave).


When you're being held captive with someone named Sloth and your name is Chunk—how else do you bond, other than by sharing a Baby Ruth? Candy makes everything—even being stuck in a dark cave—better!


There's nothing more endearing than when Josh (Tom Hanks) attends a fancy company party and the 13-year-old in him has never seen such a fancy assortment of food and hors-d'oeuvres (find out how to pronounce that here). So, why would he know to eat baby corn any other way than regular corn on the cob?

Beauty and the Beast

Belle being served her dinner by dancing plates, saucers, and more is one of the most entertaining, memorable, and enthusiastic dinner parties we have ever seen. It's worth being locked up with a beast just to try that delicious gray stuff!

Pulp Fiction

Jack Rabbit Slim's is the restaurant that Vincent Vega (John Travolta) takes his boss' wife Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) for an evening of burgers, shakes, and twisting the night away. Vincent is blown away that the shakes on the menu cost a whopping $5—so he has to have a sip and see what a $5 shake tastes like! The consensus? A pretty good one indeed! Less indulgent but way more nutritious, these best protein shakes for weight loss are worth the effort, too.


Here's the thing with this scene. It's not that we want to drink five raw eggs first thing in the morning. It's not that it even looks at all appetizing to us. But this scene is so inspiring because it shows how committed Rocky is to his keeping his body in top shape—and it reminds us that food is supposed to be fuel.


Rats in a kitchen don't exactly equate to "gourmet"—if anything, it's a surefire way to lose your appetite! But watching the talented chef/rat fix the soup in a human kitchen to perfection? Well, it just makes you want to start honing your own kitchen skills even more.

A Christmas Story

Sigh. Poor Ralphie just can't catch a break. After his neighbor's dogs gobble down his family's Christmas turkey, they have their big dinner at the local Chinese restaurant (because nothing else is open). The Chinese wait staff tries so hard to make it a memorable meal—attempting to sing Christmas carols and serving them "Christmas duck," chopping the head off right at the table in front of them all! It's a fun reminder that food may be treated differently in different cultures and that there's nothing quite like your own family's traditions.


Goodfellas dinner in prison
Courtesy of YouTube

One of the greatest lessons learned from this famous mob movie is that—with the right bunch of inmates—prison food is impeccable and meant to be savored. The famous cooking scene even offers some tips for when you're on the outside, like slicing your garlic with a razor for paper thin servings that fry up perfectly.

Back to the Future

There were lots of shocks for Marty McFly when he found himself in 1955. One of his first learnings was that Tab and Pepsi Free are not yet being served at the local diner. The sequel has a few more fun food scenes (remember the instant pizza?!), too.


What happens when you accidentally get sucked back into a 1950s TV show? You find that breakfast is anything but smoothies and acai bowls. Instead, it's a fatty carb fest of waffles, pancakes, butter-soaked eggs, and more!

Harry Potter

Even with the chance that ghosts might pop up, no feast looks quite as fun and magical than the ones that Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the gang enjoyed at in the great dining hall at Hogwarts.

Bridget Jones Diary

Anyone who has ever tried to impress their friends by cooking them dinner knows it's no easy feat—as demonstrated by Bridget Jones, as she can barely operate a blender or find the most basic of ingredients in her fridge.

It's Complicated

If you're going to date a bakery owner, then you need to take advantage of the perks—like this sweet scene where Meryl Streep takes Steve Martin to her shop after hours. She'll whip up anything he wants, and he wisely chooses a chocolate croissant! New love has never tasted so good.

European Vacation

As Audrey Griswald sits in a dining room fit for a princess, being served the most delicious-looking food faster than she can scarf it down, she gets so big that she almost bursts. Thankfully, it's all a dream that she awakens on the plane.


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