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ALDI Just Released Its Best New December Items

From trees to treats, here's everything ALDI is putting on sale for the rest of this month.

It's the most wonderful time of year and what better time than the present to partake in all the seasonal fun? ALDI is basking in the holiday cheer by continuing to gear up its stores for the holidays ever since Halloween candy left shelves. From sweet treats to appealing appetizers, this grocery chain has just unveiled even more exciting items that will be sure to fulfill all your festive desires.

As the holiday season draws near, we've rounded up seven of the newest products expected to grace the ALDI shelves, thanks to the recent and upcoming ALDI Finds lists. Keep looking to find seasonal items that look oh so merry and bright!

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Specially Selected Scottish Shortbread Cookie Tin

aldi scottish shortbread tin
Courtesy of Aldi

Leaving cookies for Santa just got easier with the Specially Selected Scottish Shortbread Cookie Tin. Imported from Scotland, these cookie tins are made with real butter and are making their way to the same store shelves the low-cost chain has stocked with holiday items for weeks.

The cookies come in several shapes, and according to the ALDI Reviewer, they are "Definitely worth purchasing again," and are even considered to be a holiday staple. The shortbread cookies don't require any mixing or baking and they're ready when you are. This sweet treat retails for $8.49.

Reggano Christmas Shaped Pasta

aldi christmas pasta
Courtesy of Aldi

Shoppers who would like to try something new without breaking the bank, you're in luck because the Reggano Christmas Shaped Pasta is worth a try, and Insider just listed this pasta as one of the best cheap things to get at ALDI this month. It's easy to see why, since this pasta retails for only $1.99.

This pasta contains an assortment of colors, including red and green. It is also shaped like many of your holiday favorites, like reindeer, Santa, and sleds.

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Specially Selected Charcuterie Board Kit

aldi charcuterie board kit
Courtesy of Aldi

ALDI is known for its cheap charcuterie board ingredients like cheese, meat, nuts, and more. But the chain conveniently has one rolled into one, and for less than what it would probably cost to make it yourself.

Listed as one of the chain's "Easy Entertaining Appetizers", this kit is expected to arrive in stores around mid-December, so be sure to keep an eye out. This charcuterie board kit retails at ALDI for just under $10.

Specially Selected Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

aldi olive oil gift set
Courtesy of Aldi

The Specially Selected Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set is not only a cooking staple but is a surprisingly good gift that also doubles as a healthy one. According to Healthline, olive oil contains tons of antioxidants, may fight Alzheimer's disease and is protective against heart disease. This gift set comes with oil from Portugal, Greece, and Italy and is available for purchase for $12.99.

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Friendly Farms Lowfat Greek Yogurt

aldi friendly farms greek yogurt
Courtesy of Aldi

You can already find greek yogurt coming in festive flavors like the Egg Nog, Cranberry, and Mint Chocolate Chip at the grocery store, but if you're wanting something different, ALDI just released different versions. New varieties of this protein-filled food include Maple, Apple Cinnamon, or Pumpkin Pie Lowfat Greek Yogurt. Not only is the yogurt low in fat, but it's also low in cost, only setting you back $0.79 each.

Holiday Grouch Trees

grouch tree
Courtesy of Aldi

While some go to extreme lengths to ensure a massive Christmas tree, ALDI offers miniature versions that just go to show that great things can come in small packages. Adorned with an ornament to top the tree, the Holiday Grouch Tree also comes in an assortment of colors to choose from, like blue, green, or pink. These little trees are available for $7.99.

Petit Cherry Wine Specialty

aldi petit cherry wine
Courtesy of Aldi

Not only does the Petit Cherry Wine wine make for an ideal gift, but it also serves as a festive seasonal beverage. ALDI describes the drink as "…the perfect synergy of fine wine with rich cherry flavor and finest cream." Originating from Germany, this wine can either be enjoyed alone or paired with other recipes and according to Delish, and comes in other flavors like vanilla bean. The site also noted that "previously, fans of the Petit products mixed them into frozen drinks or with juice," which proves the versatility of this beloved holiday drink! Shoppers can get their own bottle for $7.99.

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