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ALDI Shoppers Say These Are The Best Frozen Meals on Shelves

Save some time with these frosty fan favorites.
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When you don't have the time to cook up dinner, nothing comes to the rescue quite like a frozen meal. Whether you need a whole entrée that you can heat up after a long day of work or a simple meal shortcut that you can combine with a larger table spread, it's convenient to have a few frozen foods on hand. Unfortunately, these products range in quality, and knowing which items to lean towards or stay away from can make or break your meal plans.

ALDI knows just how to please a crowd with their frozen offerings and the chain's fan's across the internet have pinpointed exactly which items warrant a shout-out. Instead of having to pick and guess during your grocery run, take a page from ALDI shoppers who have pursued the shelves for years and snatch their recommendations for the best frozen meals.

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Frozen Meatballs

aldi meatballs

If you need a quick meal with very little prep, you can't go wrong with frozen meatballs. You can even dress them up to your heart's content (like with our Crock-Pot Italian Meatballs Recipe), making them an ideal ALDI selection.

"The frozen meatballs are really good. I like to defrost them in the microwave then simmer in a jar of marinara," says Reddit user u/EmotionalRangeOfTsp.

"There's really no need to defrost the meatballs first," says u/Ebaudendi. "Put them in sauce and simmer from frozen and they'll be done in 15. Which is about as long as boiling water and cooking spaghetti take."

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aldi rising crust frozen pizza

No one can argue that pizza makes for a great quick meal, and ALDI's vast frozen pizza collection can easily win over anyone looking for a superior frozen entrée.

"Seriously, the rising crust is pretty good and if they have Home Run Inn at your location, then you're set," says u/MGC7710.

"The rising crust pizza is good," u/seanfhamel agrees. "The frozen pizza is better than it should be – bake 10-15 min longer than it says."

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Orange Chicken

aldi general tso chicken

"I tried the frozen Chinese orange chicken," says Reddit user u/DareWright. "It was pretty good, and at $4.99 the portion size was good. I served it with steamed white rice and broccoli."

"I am a fan of the frozen orange chicken," says u/randomreader12389

When you want to spice things up, ALDI's Orange Chicken can easily make any meal planning that much easier and easily ranks as one of the grocery chain's best frozen options.

Shepherd's Pie

aldi shepherds pie

Few meals pack a hearty punch like a shepherd's pie. ALDI goes above and beyond with their version, which has easily won shoppers over.

"The Bremen's frozen shepherd's pie is my favorite easy meal, hoping to try the seasonal one this week," says Reddit user u/arlobarlow.

"The seasonal shepherd's pie (saw it in-store the other day) is great for an easy meal," says u/Dropofsugar.

Frozen Lasagna

aldi lasagna

Nothing hits the spot like a lasagna, especially when you don't feel like making one of these creations from scratch.

"The frozen lasagna is fine," says u/NorthOfUptownChi. "It's filling, easy to bake in the oven, and super cheap."

Other Redditors felt more excited about the ALDI offering. "The veggie one is awesome," u/anniemdi says. Reddit user u/Unknownusrname agrees, saying, "I second the veggie lasagna!"

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