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America's Largest Pizza Chain Is "Tipping" Customers Who Do This

Get paid to deliver your own pizza.

As food prices rise and labor shortages persist, the cost of eating at restaurants continues to soar. But like many fast-food chains coming up with creative ways to boost business, Domino's just unveiled a new way for customers to bring down their check total: Carryout Tips.

From now until May 22, America's largest pizza chain will give a $3 "tip" to those who pick up their own order—an incentive for customers to be their own delivery driver as the pizza giant continues to face staffing shortages.

Here's how it works: After placing a carryout order of $5 0r more online or with Domino's mobile app, customers will receive an email with a $3 coupon code. The offer will be redeemable for another online order of at least $5 placed in the following week. However, orders placed on Sundays must be claimed the same day.

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Domino's newest deal was released less than two weeks before the Super Bowl—one of the busiest days of the year for the pizza industry. In fact, Domino's typically sells about two million pizzas on the championship game day alone, according to Art D'Elia, the chain's executive president and chief marketing officer.

The launch of the incentive also comes shortly after Domino's revealed that it expects to raise prices. The chain forecasted an 8% to 10% increase in food basket costs for 2022, with the price of meat, cheese, and grains continuing to skyrocket. To offset the ingredient price hikes, Domino's has had to tweak some of its national promotions.

The chain's popular $7.99 carryout deal went digital-only, meaning customers can only redeem the offer on the chain's website or through the mobile app. This not only allows Domino's to save money on workers needed to answer phones, but digital orders typically have higher check averages than orders placed over the phone, according to Restaurant Business. Additionally, the deal, which used to offer customers a choice of a three-topping pizza or a 10-piece chicken wings order, has since reduced the wings option to an eight-piece order.

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