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These Beloved Restaurants in NYC Are Officially Open Again

Here are some eateries you have to check out ASAP.

Over the past year and a half, more than 1,000 restaurants closed across New York City. Now, places that were able to survive the COVID-19 pandemic (that we love!) are opening their doors once again to the public—and diners everywhere are calling up their friends and booking reservations.

As local restrictions and mask mandates continue to lift, restaurants across the country are beginning to see a major surge in foot traffic via diners, according to Yelp's latest data. In fact, as people are making their way back to eateries, new restaurant and food businesses are opening at a rate that's nearly equivalent to pre-pandemic times.

Below, we've highlighted just four special restaurants and bars that have reopened their doors within the past few weeks, or at the least, have been able to introduce new additions to their dining experience as a result of restrictions lifting.



Courtesy of Kōyō

The restaurant that's known for its kaiseki cuisine—an elevated take on the traditional Japanese washoku cuisine that's served as a multi-course meal and based on seasonal ingredients—is officially back! Executive chef and owner Jay Zheng is the mastermind behind Kōyō's new menu, which includes a seven-course tasting menu, soups, and several supplemental dishes including Uni Ikura Donburi. The Michelin recognized restaurant located recently reopened its doors in Astoria, Queens after closing due to the pandemic.

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limani fish
Courtesy of Limani NYC

Located in the heart of Rockefeller Center, Limani is known for its Mediterranean cuisine, spotlighting seafood dishes you'd find on the Greek islands such as Tunisian Octopus and Branzino as well as desserts including Deconstructed Baklava and Karidopita (walnut sponge cake with lavender ice cream). Stacked with two kitchens and yes, an infinity pool, this Greek-Mediterranean dining destination was deeply missed after its closing in December 2020. Now, Limani is equipped with the proper UV lighting for the HAVAC system to ensure the air quality is safe for indoor dining.

The high-end restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday and for dinner on Sunday.


Thyme Bar

thyme bar
Courtesy of Thyme Bar NYC

Who doesn't live for a speakeasy? The Flatiron District's own underground hideaway gem, Thyme Bar, is returning with its "The Thyme Bar Experience — Euphoria" menu using floriography in mixology. The special experience features a $95 prix-fixe menu for dining, consisting of an amuse-bouche, three cocktails, a food item, and a dessert. Thyme Bar had opened just one month before the pandemic COVID-19 pandemic hit and the first and only other "Thyme Bar Experience" occurred in August 2020 when cases were lower in NYC. Now, the bartender has made his vision come to life once again.

"This menu is designed to be enjoyed as a full sensory experience, which New Yorkers could use right now. It's the experience I have always wanted but had a hard time finding in the city," Jeremy Le Blanche, head bartender of Thyme Bar, said in a statement shared with Eat This, Not That!

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chef mitchel bonhomme
Courtesy of Kokomo

Kokomo is another eatery that bravely opened in the midst of the pandemic. So, how good is the food? Well, let's just say the executive chef of the Caribbean restaurant, Mitchel Jean Bonhomme, has been hired as a private chef for major celebrities including DJ Khaled and Puff Daddy. While the restaurant remained open during the pandemic, the indoor dining space was just recently finished, so diners can enjoy a whole new experience while at the Williamsburg, Brooklyn restaurant. Something else that's new? Kokomo will be now open for dinner on Mondays starting in July!

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