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This Is the Best Coffee for Weight Loss, Says an Expert

If you're looking to shed some pounds, a dietitian explains why this particular coffee drink "is the way to go."

It's well established that coffee can add a boost to your metabolism, based largely on the fact that caffeine revs the body to help you burn more calories. However, it only makes sense that this depends on how you take your coffee (since a mocha Frappuccino with extra whipped is likely to counteract the effect… you think?). It's worth checking out what a registered dietitian has just revealed as the coffee drink that's ideal for weight loss.

This week, Donald Mankie—a registered dietitian at Florida's Sarasota Memorial Bariatric and Metabolism Center—shared, via Sarasota Magazine, insights on whether coffee supports weight loss. Put simply, Mankie told the outlet that coffee "definitely" has the capability to stimulate metabolism. Read on to learn which coffee is great for losing weight, and sign up for the Eat This, Not That! newsletter for nutrition and wellness news you need.

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It starts with science.


In addition to giving you energy that can amp up exercise and more physical activity in general, Mankie attributed coffee's weight loss effect to a fascinating physiological process known as thermogenesis. (You can read more about that here.)

But not all coffee drinks are created equally.

coca cola coffee
Courtesy of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola with Coffee is just one of many examples of the fact that if a maker adds sugar to a coffee beverage for flavor, in terms of its affect on nutrition, it becomes more of a sweet treat than a coffee drink.

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The added-ingredient coffee drinks are everywhere.

Kaley Roberts/ Eat This, Not That!

A Dunkin's seasonal butter pecan iced coffee and Starbucks latest Frappuccino—with cake—are other prime examples.

The fact is, the best coffee for weight loss is simple.


According to Mankie, when it comes to shedding pounds, "Black coffee is the best way to go for weight loss." Mankie added that coffee "only contains two calories per serving" and contains Vitamin B12 and magnesium, both which some experts have credited with support in helping the body process food for fuel. But, of course, Mankie added, "The more sugar, cream or milk you add, the more calories you add." Noted.

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That's why black coffee is a go-to for some diets right now.


Some diets, like those that employ intermittent fasting, call for black coffee or sometimes plain black or green tea as the only beverages besides water to sip between meals. Coffee has been shown to hold down the appetite and keep the body energized when it's low on fuel from food, along with some other powerful benefits.

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