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One Surprising Effect Coffee Has on Your Hair, According to a Dermatologist

Even non-coffee drinkers, including guys, are going to love this exciting perk.

We probably don't have to list one more reason for you to love coffee, but like your morning brew, this one is strong. A board-certified dermatologist just shared a huge beauty perk that comes with a good cup of coffee—and this one applies to guys, too.

Next to water, coffee is the most-consumed beverage in the world. Recent studies have found plenty of reasons to pull your mug a little bit closer. Coffee can be beneficial to your liver, your longevity, and even your plants. A big part of having healthy skin and hair comes from getting the right nutrients, and Pinkvilla recently touted a way that coffee may benefit your hair—especially when it's used in a certain way.

We asked board-certified dermatologist Lisa Pfingstler, M.D. if coffee is indeed beneficial to your hair. As it turns out, it may be even better than you realized for making healthy and beautiful locks. (While you're at it, don't miss This Tea Makes Your Hair Healthier, Science Says.)

Coffee lends itself to topical application.


You might have heard that coffee can be good for your skin. Pinkvilla suggests that coffee has the power to combat dandruff, nourish hair from the inside-out, and even promote hair thickness when applied topically to the hair and the scalp—that's right, as in a hair mask made of coffee grounds! Could this really be? Keep reading . . .

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There's an actual scientific reason coffee can be good for hair.


In some studies where coffee was applied topically to the hair and scalp, Pfingstler says it showed "reduction in hair loss and improvement in thickness and strength." How's that for a benefit?

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There's a fascinating reason coffee can be good for the hair.

Pfingstler says, "Studies have shown that caffeine crosses the skin barrier very quickly and easily, which makes it ideal for topical use." She adds that after application, the coffee can keep working in hair "for up to 24 hours."

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Two ways to try a coffee hair mask for greater thickness and strength.


Pinkvilla offers two formulas for making your own thickening hair mask with coffee.

For the first, blend three tablespoons of coffee grounds with one tablespoon each of almond oil and aloe vera gel.

Or, try blending three tablespoons of grounds with one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of unsweetened yogurt.

The outlet suggests allowing your all-natural hair and scalp mask to sit for 20 minutes before washing.

Is it just us—or does this sounds like an at-home summer beauty recipe worth trying?! For more of the food news you need, sign up for the Eat This, Not That! newsletter.

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