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Here's What Happens When You Combine Coffee With Your Protein Shake, According To Experts

Protein powder and cold brew is a trendy hack that's gaining steam, but there's something you should know.

Think of taking two of your most power-packed daily rituals and blending them together in one mug. That's exactly what some coffee lovers are doing with cold brew and protein shakes. Before you dash to try this seemingly win-win combo, take a pause: A registered dietitian says there's one key reminder to getting this energizing experiment right.

Cold brew coffee has never been bigger. And, especially as more of us grow aware of the benefits of plant-based nutrition, protein shakes and powders have become relatively common kitchen staples.

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As coffee's caffeine delivers the wake-up call you love and protein can boost your stamina too, our pervasive affinities for both of these have borne a social media trend that some users are calling "proffee."

Yep, it's what you think it is: proffee is basically a combination of cold brew coffee and protein shake or powder, blended together.

Sounds like a prime way to start your day, right? Registered dietitian Kim Rose has conveyed some advice, via Huffington Post. To combine cold brew and a protein shake in a way that's healthy, Rose told HuffPost it's wise to look for the protein shake (as well as the cold brew) with a list of ingredients that's short, and that you can understand. It's a good general rule many nutrition pros go by, as Rose states: "Beware of lengthy lists of unpronounceable ingredients."

And if you're going to try this with a dry protein powder, it's important to pick one that doesn't deceive you with added heaps of sugar to give it good flavor. "Look at the serving size and the percent daily value of added sugars on the nutrition facts label—this can tell you how much added sugar is in a particular protein powder," Rose told HuffPost. "As a general rule, find an unsweetened protein powder."

With those pointers in mind, it sounds like this could be your new favorite post-workout pick-me-up.

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