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The #1 Best Way to Clean Your Coffee Machine You Never Knew Before

So easy (and kinda fun)! Do you know this trick?

If the transition from summer to fall has you getting the house in order to settle in for a cozy season, here's a fun hack for descaling your coffee maker: Experts are suggesting you can drop a common toiletry product inside your coffee pot to remove buildup and brew the freshest cup. (This might be even better than running vinegar through your machine!)

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Minerals accumulate in your coffee pot.

coffee pot pouring into two mugs

You're probably aware that in many areas, the water you run through your coffee maker contains minerals, like calcium and magnesium, that build up over time. All this can affect both how fast your coffee machine allows water to trickle through, and, of course, the taste of your coffee.

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An alternative to vinegar.

White vinegar

A common solution for descaling coffee makers has been to run vinegar through the machine (minus any coffee in the filter basket, of course), followed by a couple pots of water to clear away the vinegar's pungency.

However, your coffee maker-descaling routine just got even simpler. This week, the "ProblemSolved" section of USA Today shared that you can use a denture-cleaning tablet to clean your coffee machine!

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Here's how to clean your coffee machine using a denture tablet.


It's so simple. They suggest you fill the reservoir with water, drop one or two denture tabs inside, let that fizz until the tablet dissolves, and run that water through the machine.

Then, dump it and run clean water through the reservoir once or maybe twice, just to make sure the denture solution is fully rinsed away.

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How does denture cleaner clean a coffee pot?

Baking soda in wooden bowl with wooden spoon

It's science! As dental surgeon Lee Gouse, DDS, explained (via Cooking Light), denture tablets are made of ingredients like sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda).

In reaction to water, these chemical compounds become "micro-scrubbing" tools that eliminate mineral deposits, Gouse said.

Best of all? This method can be used for your single-cup maker, as well as for a full-sized pot. (One heads-up for single-cup coffee fans: Read One Major Side Effect of Using Coffee Pods, New Study Says.)

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