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5 Changes Costco Is Making Right Now

From the food court, to the frozen aisles, to outside the warehouse, here is what's different at Costco now.

Walk into any Costco warehouse and you'll be greeted by familiar stacks of bulk grocery items, various bakery items, shoes and clothes, the food court, and more. But there are a few other new things you'll notice during your next trip to Costco, and these changes may alter the way you shop.

From new items and freshly stocked ones to layout changes, we've rounded up the biggest updates you need to know to prepare for your next warehouse trip below.

(P.S.—just because some items are in stock, doesn't mean you should buy them. Here are the Costco Foods You Should Always Avoid, According to Nutritionists.)

Costco is changing up its food court.

Costco food court
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Lots of changes have come at Costco's food court recently. Menu items that disappeared to create a limited menu during the pandemic are slowly returning—including ice cream, smoothies, and even bigger churros. You'll still have to ask for condiments, cutlery, straws, napkins, and other loose items, as those will still be kept behind the counter.

The chain is also adding touchless soda dispensers to come food courts, $1 coffee machines, as well as outdoor seating. This means you don't have to take food court items all the way home or eat them in your car anymore. Indoor may follow, but there's no word on when that will return just yet.

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It's adding and bringing back special alcohol varieties.

bottles of costco wine on shelves

Summer = hard seltzer season and Costco is making sure customers are stocked up before Memorial Day, so Kirkland Signature Harz Seltzer 24-packs are back in warehouses. The taste reviews are mixed, but many shoppers agree that the cost can't be beaten (you get double the amount for the same price as others like White Claw and Truly).

Bourbon drinkers—keep your eyes peeled in June for three new Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey varieties coming to the warehouse. The Bottled-In-Bond, Single Barrel, and Small Batch bottles are all distilled in Kentucky, but there's limited information about how much they will cost and where exactly they will be sold.

If neither of these are your drink of choice and you'd rather have a glass of vino instead, here are 30 Best Wines You Can Buy at Costco.

Costco is now offering two-day delivery on cold and frozen items.

costco freezer

Both frozen and cold items were not included in Costco's two-day delivery service until now. The recent change means you can get all the Chick-fil-A nugget dupes you want sent right to your doorstep. The perishable items are shipped in insulated boxes with dry ice or frozen gel packs, according to Reddit user @CostcoPanda. They ship for free with orders of $100 or more.

If you want the items sooner, your order will be placed through Instacart, and it will include some additional fees. For info on saving some cash as you shop, here are 14 Best Ways to Save Money at Costco, Straight From Employees.

It's restocking popular items.

costco shelves

Speaking of the Chick-fil-A tasting nuggets at Costco that are back after flying off the shelves, other items that were in short supply within the last few weeks are returning, too. The Bown Sugar Boba Ice Milk Bar has been spotted by several shoppers in at least seven states, even as the country faces a Boba shortage.

Also coming back? Things like the PlayStation 5, pickles, Kirkland Shampoo and Conditioner, several bakery items, and samples!

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Costco is putting items on sale.

costco cart
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There's a 5-pound box of Streit's Passover Matzos on sale for $1.97 right now at Costco, and it may be the cheapest item in the warehouse (besides the bananas). Reddit user @peanutbuttahgainz spotted the Matzos, which is likely on sale since Passover ended on the evening of April 4, but the fact that a product so big could be so cheap reminded some Reddit users of deals of days passed they won't soon forget.

Other items on sale can be found on Costco's website. For more info on low-cost items at your local warehouse, here are 13 Best Costco Finds Under $10.

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