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This Beloved Costco Hard Seltzer Is Back Just In Time For Summer

But it's more expensive!

Summer is right around the corner and unfortunately, some of the items needed for a backyard BBQ will cost you more and may be hard to find at the grocery store. But there's one summer staple that not only is back at Costco, but it's also a favorite among many shoppers because of its low price—the Kirkland Signature Hard Seltzer!

The wholesale retailer's version of White Claw, Truly, Bud Light Seltzer, and all the other variations out there debuted last fall. Costco members instantly fell in love because of the sheer size of it—since a pack of 24 was $17.99 while a pack of 12 White Claws is only a few dollars cheaper.

Several Reddit users have spotted the pack back in stores in Washington, Minnesota, Missouri, and other places after a hiatus for the winter, but with a price hike of $1 or $2.

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So how does it measure up? For some, compared to its competitors, Kirkland Hard Seltzer at Costco is better because of taste and price, but others have different opinions (as you can tell by the comments). Price-wise, people say it can't be beaten.

However, if you're really only concerned about the taste, one user says it's a knockout. (Related: We Tasted the Top 6 Spiked Seltzers, and This Was the Best.)

But there is one thing that Reddit user @lat3ralus65 points out that the Kirkland hard seltzers at Costco are missing…

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